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TRav’s farewell?

All signs point to the end of an era

We aren’t looking forward to the day when there is a state senate president whom we don’t know, who won’t pick up the phone when we call and who will do very little for Revere people by comparison to the present State Senate President Robert Travaglini.
Travaglini’s efforts on behalf of all of us and his openness and accessibility are the stuff of legend in this district.
The end of Travaglini’s run seems apparent as many of his staff members have already taken new jobs on Beacon Hill.
One of those is Christian Scorzoni, lawyer to be and trusted Travaglini aide from Revere.
This is a certain sign the end is near.
With every end there is a beginning. Travaglini’s end signals the official start of Revere Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo’s senate candidacy for that seat. He has told the Journal he is ready to hit the road running, and we believe him.
In any event, Trav’s end marks Rizzo’s beginning.

A BOLD step forward

Ocean Club set to take shape

The city has apparently signed off on all the required paperwork for the Ocean Club, marking a key moment in this bold development’s history. The next step will be a groundbreaking in the spring and the ultimate construction of a fabulous glass-walled high rise the likes of which has never been built on Revere Beach.
Principal of the ambitious condominium development, Steve Fustolo, has put together a strong team of gifted professionals, lenders committed to his vision, and architects who have designed buildings and amenities that go far beyond anything on Revere Beach.
The success of Ocean Club is looked upon as the beginning of a new age on Revere Beach by other developers ready to go but hesitant because of the slowdown in the real estate marketplace.[
Fustolo ran head-on into the slowdown but was undeterred by it. Such is Fustolo’s  tenacity. Fustolo believes in the beach and in his own ability to bring his dream alive.
This is a city where there is a tendency for many standing on the sidelines watching something grand take shape to wait for the project to go under. However, those waiting for Fustolo to go that way are in for a very long wait.
When his first structure is completed and the residents have moved in and the amenities are completed, this development will absolutely change the marketplace for condominiums on Revere Beach.
Fustolo’s dream is soaring. The most formidable initial hurdles appear to have been cleared.
We wish Ocean Club the best. So, too, does everyone angling for a piece of the beach.

The governor’s wife

The incomprehensible quality of depression

Those of us who understand depression, who know someone who suffers from it, or who are afflicted with it ourselves, understand the pain and the bad feeling the governor’s wife, Diane Patrick is feeling. She is apparently suffering from depression.
There is an incomprehensible quality to depression, and in Mrs. Patrick’s case, this is especially true. Here’s a brilliant, successful, incredibly wealthy woman whose husband has become governor, only to find her exhausted and depressed.
This goes to show that crisis is one of plenty rather than the depression often associated with poverty.
Depression is depression either way, and rich and poor suffer the same.
“Far better to be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy,” wrote Oscar Wilde.

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