Police Department Report Surfaces

September 2, 2017

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Not only did Mayor Brian Arrigo get the nod to look outside the city for the next police chief, he also shared a report that he says only came to light a month ago.

The report includes several areas of interest for the years 2014 and 2015. The following information was taken from the report. For the full report go to www.revere.org/2015PDReport in the Mayor’s Office department link.

  • The Revere Police Department has 97 sworn members and 19 civilian members. In addition to the chief there are three captains, 13 lieutenants, 17 sergeants, and 63 members of patrol.
  • “While it is often desirable to promote from within, Revere has experienced a fair amount of turbulence over the past several years and the ability to bring in an outside leader with a different set of experiences could benefit the department in the future.
  • “The department appears to be top heavy with 33 supervisors and 63 patrol level members.”
  • It was widely acknowledged that the organizational chart was outdated and incorrect and no attempt was made to provide the correct chart.
  • “Certainly a police department is a paramilitary organization, however the intensity of this approach and its outward appearance should be evaluated as it does not appear to be well accepted.
  • A point of dissension in the department was the active involvement of the chief as a SWAT member.
  • The command staff appears to lack cohesion, and there is a fair amount of distrust within the command staff and from patrol to command staff.
  • What is in place and dubbed “community policing” is really just community relations.
  • There is little connection with the business or neighborhood associations.
  • The leadership culture is very militaristic.
  • The department upon approach looks like a military base (military vehicles)
  • Customer service does not appear to be a value.

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