Letter to the Editor

June 4, 2016

A piece of Revere’s history

Dear Editor:

It’s hard to believe that  Wonderland structure is no more. 
When I was growing up in the 1950’s Wonderland and Suffolk Downs were the Disney Worlds of that time.

Thousands of people came to Revere to go to the “horses” by day and to go to the “dogs” at night.

My father was a Revere policeman who directed traffic at Suffolk and I would go with him some days to watch him guide hundreds of cars into the parking areas. When the first race went off, he would take me to eat at the Backstretch Kitchen where all the jockeys, grooms, etc. ate. It was very exciting for a 10 year-old . I remember when the last race was over, there would be people selling the Wondy program in the parking areas as 75 percent of those leaving horse track would then be going to the “dogs.”

Bill Campbell

RHS class 1960

Naples, Florida


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