New Feature by Arrigo to Appear in Journal

January 20, 2016

As Mayor Brian Arrigo begins his first year in office, he is looking forward to answering your questions in a monthly “Ask the Mayor” segment here in the Revere Journal. Please send your questions to the Mayor’s office either by mail or by e-mail. On the second Wednesday of each month, Mayor Arrigo will answer several questions in the Revere Journal. His office will also make every effort to answer all questions that come in to the office in a timely manner.


Subject line: Revere Journal “Ask The Mayor”

U.S. Mail:

Mayor’s Office

ATTN: Revere Journal “Ask The Mayor”

City Hall

281 Broadway

Revere, MA 02151

  • drensber

    What? He actually wants input from the public!!?? (as opposed to his predecessor who took the “You WILL advocate for a casino, and if you disagree and advertise your dissidence with a sign in your store window I WILL have my cronies to visit your store and make you take it down!” approach).

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