Police Briefs 12-30-2015

December 31, 2015

Weekly Crime Report

House Breaks: (4)

Burbank Street; Parkway – Ambassador East; Parkway – Ambassador East; and Avon Street.

Commercial Breaks: (1)

Broadway’s Grill – Broadway.

Motor Vehicle *Thefts/Breaks: (4)

Crescent Avenue; *Stevens Street; Vane Street; and *Campbell Avenue.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: (36)

Brown Circle (5); Copeland Circle; Butler Circle; Broadway/Pitcairn; Broadway; Bennett Hwy; Broadway/Central; Squire Road; Broadway; Broadway; Fenley Street; Squire Road; Revere Street; Squire Road; Lee Burbank Hwy; Lee Burbank Hwy; Parkway/Campbell; Eliot/North Shore Rd; Campbell/Parkway; Squire Road; Squire Road; North Shore Road; Squire Road; Salem Street; Malden/Broadway; North Shore Road; Proctor/Adams; S. Irving/Park; Furlong Drive; Furlong Drive; Emmet Terrace; and Overlook Ridge Terrace.

House Parties/Loud Stereo Complaints (after 9 p.m.): 23

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