RHS Tweet Issue Results in Threats, Slurs on Student

November 19, 2015

When Caley Godino pressed the button to Tweet out a message about low voter turnout in the Revere City Election and how it relates to people who are not here legally, she had no idea it would lead to threats of physical harm, cyber-bullying and, allegedly, getting kicked off the cheerleading team during her senior year.

But that’s exactly what happened, said Godino and her family, including her mother Lauren Kelly, and they said they are trying to sort out why it is that Godino was punished for her comment, and others were not punished for the threats.

“They just didn’t give me clear answers,” said Godino. “I still don’t exactly understand why I am in trouble…I can’t go to any school events and I got removed from the cheerleading team and I can’t even attend a game. It’s my senior year and I was the captain of the team. I missed all my tournaments and I hadn’t even had senior night…Some of the kids from the soccer team who actually threatened me with their Tweets had a state tournament soccer game the day I showed their threats to the school and they still played. They had another game a few days later and they played in that too. I was wondering if they would get to play and I checked and they did.”

Said Kelly, “This was really a case of her using bad judgment and then becoming the victim. One thing that bothers me that wasn’t pointed out is the people who responded with Tweets made some serious threats. Even though she started it and used poor judgment, the reactions that came out of it was really dangerous threats. I felt really disappointed they didn’t get the same punishment.”

Supt.  Dianne Kelly (not related) said there is sometimes more to the story than meets the eye.

“One thing that’s important to know is when we hear pieces of a story in the news, it’s not typically the whole story,” she said. “I am not at liberty to talk about student discipline or a student’s records. What we read is not necessarily the whole story sometimes.”

The school responded to the incident by starting a new curriculum around cultural sensitivity and being able to articulate their thoughts in a respectful way.

The situation arose, Godino said, on Nov. 4, the day after the City Election.

She was on a field trip outside the school building when she and other students got a Tweet from her Civics teacher. The Tweet was to spur thought about the low voter turnout in the City Election – saying only 10 percent of Revere ended up voting, and what the students thought about that. (Turnout was actually about 41 percent in the last City Election, rather than 10 percent).

Godino Tweeted back, “10 percent of Revere voted because the others are not legal.”

Godino said it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone. School officials have said they don’t believe she had any ill intentions, either.

However, the Tweet took off and people began to send messages back saying it wasn’t right. She immediately realized she had probably made a mistake, and deleted the Tweet.

But what’s on the Internet stays on the Internet.

“It ended up going viral,” she said.

Soon, however, threats began to pour in.

One person said they were going to wait for the bus to come back to the field trip; some soccer players said they were going to get their [slur deleted] crew and come for her; others said slurs about white people in Spanish and English.

“Reverse racism is not real,” read one Tweet.

“Is it possible to be racist to a white person?” read another.

Said Godino, “Cultures in my school segregate and stick together. On this, they were all attacking me together and saying they were going to stand up for each other. The kids from Chelsea and Everett were saying it was a bond between them to get me.“

Most of the kids, she said, she knew by name and identified to the administration.

Godino said she was never completely worried for her safety, but the schools certainly were.

“The administration was definitely worried about my safety and asked if I wanted a police officer to escort me to and from classes,” she said. “I said ‘no’ because I’ve known these kids for four years and gone to school with them. I think a lot are social media thugs and all talk on this. When it came to kids from other schools, I was a little bit frightened because the Chelsea and Everett Tweets were from kids I didn’t know. I got dirty looks at school, but nothing major.”

What was major, Godino and her mother said, was the alleged punishment that came out of the situation.

Originally, Kelly said that the administration wanted Godino to go through cultural sensitivity training – as several students in the school apparently had an illegal status. Kelly said she supported it fully and was disappointed with her daughter’s judgment in Tweeting out the message.

However, they said she wouldn’t be disciplined due to the fact that her 1st Amendment Rights protected her.

“They said I had the Right to Free Speech and the First Amendment protected this and I should lay low and not Tweet anymore,” Godino said.

However, the next day everything allegedly changed.

Both said that the schools called and said they slept on it and decided Godino needed to be disciplined. They gave her social probation, which meant she was off the cheerleading team and couldn’t attend or participate in any school events. Originally it was through Jan. 25, but after a series of appeal where Kelly produced legal cases backing up her position, the probation was concluded at early December.

“I asked them what happened and they said that the kids were just so upset by this that they had to make them happy,” said Kelly. “What about my daughter?”

  • Hail Mohammed

    Just unbelievable. These invaders are only a few tens of millions in the wider population, and this is already the power they have over someone who simply wants citizens in their own country to have free speech, freedom, and the possibility of making a life of their own?

    A reminder that like other high school students, this is another girl who will find it difficult to get a ‘starter job’ because of undercutting from illegal aliens.

  • Charles Spears

    Lauren Kelly should have advocated for her daughter better but the crux of the issue is the school backpedaling on their initial judgment and invocation of the first amendment. The fact they made that statement to begin with should embolden Godino to pursue further recourse, especially since the tweet was presumably made on her own time. Breaching a constitutional firewall in order to appease the hurt feelings of ravenous cretins is only going to create bigger headaches for administrators in the future.

  • three fingers

    Caley Godino did nothing wrong.

    The school administrators, however, are vicious anti-whites who don’t care about first amendment rights. They must be removed from their offices.

  • jmm1234

    PC Madness. The young lady had her facts wrong but she did not say something inherently racist. To call someone illegal is not racist per se. It’s a factual issue.

  • Inkednhappy

    10 % or 40 % does it really matter? The teacher wanted input and this young lady gave her point of view. Was she wrong? NO, she was 100 percent correct, are people that blind that they do not notice the influx of illegal immigrants all over the state of Massachusetts. Going back and looking at voter turn out 40% is actually a pretty normal and above normal over the past 10 years, so the teacher was wrong with her tweet. Now onto the threats that this young lady has had to deal with, why have the school nor police dealt with any of them? Very simple ( Soccer Team ) how many are related to or part of the illegal community! Time for AMERICANS to stop conforming to all these people, this is AMERICA and these people who are coming in should be following our rules and not making us follow theirs. I say SUE the school and everyone involved in making these decisions taking away this young lady’s last year of school functions and all. She will NEVER get them back now get off your HIGH horse and let her get back to all her events and being a young adult learning from her own mistakes. Caley Godino When you are ready and turn 18 we will Gladly Give you any tattoo you would like FREE of Charge here at our shop Forever Ink Tattoo in Blackstone, Ma. 01504… Keep your chin up kid, and know that many of us out her stand with you!

  • ahf

    Her parents should bring a lawsuit against the school committee and or the city. I don’t see how this is raciest. Also I cant believe this hasn’t got picked up by the national press..

  • Scott Keller

    How has it become “racist” to refer to people who have come to the country illegally or are in some other way not legally able to vote? She made no reference to a race or a linguistic category but only to the term “legal”. It is not “racist” to use the term “legal”. Any such racism is in the minds of the accusers.

  • brandon467

    The First Amendment doesn’t mean what all of these northeastern libtards think it means. They can’t “discipline” her because of her First Amendment rights, but they can suspend her from the cheerleading squad? They can put her on probation, and that’s not discipline? I wish I practiced law in Massachusetts because I could win some big money on this case.

    Her mother should have told the school to go pound sand instead of saying the tweet was insensitive. It’s a shame when a high school kid has more backbone than an adult.

    It doesn’t matter if the tweet was racist or not. The school cannot punish her for her exercise of free speech. That’s what the First Amendment protects, like it or not. If the government can determine what is offensive and prevent people from being offensive, then the First Amendment has no meaning whatsoever.

  • ognywogny

    Dianne Kelly and the school should have their *#!~ sued off for violating that girl’s 1st Amendment rights. But you won’t see the ACLU touch this one. Wrong person’s rights. HYPOCRITES!

  • vutsrq

    But after other students complained, the school stepped in. Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly says the district believes in freedom of speech, but cannot support what she calls insensitive language.

    “If you’re going to stand up and say something that other people will find offensive- than you need to be prepare to deal with the ramifications of that,” Kelly said.

    Pathetic. Superintendent Kelly, you should be fired and never allowed to work as an educator again.

  • vutsrq

    “Racist” the desperate and increasingly meaningless cry of liberal/progressive America haters is heard once again.

  • JFK

    Shame on the school administrators

  • Abraham_Franklin

    What was offensive about her tweet?

    Does Revere have illegal aliens? If it does, then Revere citizens should be offended at those lawbreakers, not at Caley.

  • Abraham_Franklin

    “got a Tweet from her Civics teacher.”

    I guess free speech isn’t part of Civics education anymore.

  • Abraham_Franklin

    “The teacher wanted input and this young lady gave her point of view.”

    Bingo! What Civics lesson has Caley learned? That free speech is dying in the U.S.

  • Abraham_Franklin

    The censors are coming! The censors are coming!

  • Bill

    This is not a close case. There is absolutely nothing racial or otherwise offensive about the “tweet.” This is a simple case of political retaliation and intimidation by school authorities (and perhaps other gov’t officials) against a high school student who expressed her opinion. The sin is ever greater if, as the story implies, the “tweet” was in response to a teacher’s query or request. This family has a clear path in federal court, and they will do us all a favor if they take it.

  • jparker2000

    placating to illegals in the school…. Seriously, illegals have more rights than a citizen? The GD fox is in charge of the henhouse… lol

  • jparker2000

    illegal, illegal, illegal, illegal, illegal, illegal, illegal… I don’t care you or what you are, illegal is illegal, and when Trump is president, your law breaking (or your parents) will be dealt with and i will enjoy watching the rule-of-law being implemented!

  • Scott Wallace

    Go after the superintendent and the kids who character assassinated the student. If she were my kid I’d make sure the parents of her enemies were contacted in as many ways as possible. Threaten my kid. I threaten your parents.

  • Scott Wallace

    Which kids? She has a right to confront her accusers. Well Revere is next to Salem. Massholes are great at burning witches.

  • WashingtonDame

    Sue for $15 million just like Clock Boy just did.

  • Tom

    The family should check out FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). Though FIRE doesn’t take legal cases involving high school or lower grades, they might get some useful information.

  • Robert Stewart

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell

  • Quantum992

    Subversion is a very effective tactic of warfare. I would say (and obviously so) a vast majority of American citizens have absolutely no understanding of this tactic of warfare. Ignorance perpetuates the problem. China has been using subversion as a tactic of warfare sense 800 BC and we in America dont have a clue. That’s why it works.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    For this young lady to be fired because of her Will Rogers like “observations” of the citizen composition of Revere is most certainly a violation of this girls FREEDOM OF SPEECH that is still one of our Constitutional Protections!

    If “Clock-Boy” is going for 15million – I bet this girl could get a new Corvet and education at Harvard!

    “Black Lives Matter” now that is RACIST
    ALL LIVES MATTER, is the American way!

  • Caley Godino clearly understands the 1 St Amendment better than this “Dr” Kelly.
    The Civics teacher needs to step up for Caley’s rights too – they baited her into this ugliness.

    The teacher set the students up to be blindsided – plain and simple.

  • John

    I do not like the acts of murderers, I do not like the acts of rapists, I do not like the acts of embezzlers, I do not like the acts of illegal aliens….. I do not care what race any of these people are. They all committed illegal acts. That is not insensitive…that is just standing up for the laws of this country. To support any of these illegal acts should be considered insensitive.

  • Realist

    Attempting to swim upstream and away from the current imposed Ruling Class orthodoxy of thought is, apparently, the new though crime of the 21st century. Even the slightest hint of opposition to that orthodoxy is seen by the faithful of the libcult as an affront to them personally and, worse still, a rejection of their “right” to impose whatever THEY want on everyone else. Not comporting to Ruling Class orthodoxy of thought is “unamerican”. Not comporting to Ruling Class orthodoxy of thought is “hateful and hurtful”. The Ruling Class Machine is fully engaged in the destruction to any and all who might stand in their way. This is about POWER. This is about CONTROL. This is about gutting the Bill of Rights and the Constitution morphing them into tools of oppression for the Ruling Class and their operatives. This is a war. If you’re not going to fight and only want to stand on the sidelines, wringing your hands in disbelief, then please get out of the way for those who do and will.

  • Johnny

    Where is it racist when you speak the truth? Great way for the education system to make children more stupid. If it’s a fact, it’s not racist. Lynn’s mostly illegals…Revere’s mostly illegals. You don’t have to be a scientist to know this.

    Is Revere afraid of the truth? The problem with liberals is that if someone says something they don’t like (i.e., the truth), they’re racist.

    The people who use that term the most, calling others “racist,” are the real racists.

  • William_JD

    Shame on the mother for saying he daughter started it. She did not.

    The executive branch of the US government started it by allowing people to enter and remain in the US illegally.

    This is a travesty.

  • Gary

    A student is threatened by some foreign nationals and those who support them for making a true statement. School administrators , fearful of them disciplined the student..
    I’m an immigrant. We left our old country because of things like this.
    What is someone in Paris heard of a terror plot, tried to tell officials, and was attacked & puished. We need to call Homeland Security on Revere School officials.

  • JW

    Fascist apparatchiks running school systems has to be stopped. Sue them.

  • Ridiculous

    They are here! So sad!

  • Ridiculous

    It was just picked up by Breitbart!!!

  • Jason Dean

    Caley, your freedoms as a citizen have been brutally violated and this school district administration is a shameful embarrassment to our country. I hope you can get legal representation and fight for your rights and frredoms afforded to you by our constitution! Know that there are thousands and likely millions of people on your side in this! Keep up the fight, for yourself and for all of us whose rights are getting stripped by the day.

  • MikeMarkCA

    Please get a lawyer and teach this intolerant fascist what freedom of speech really means. How sickening how the politically correct have been running crazy. We always known, no matter what they proclaimed, what their true intentions were, and under Barack Obama they have been embolden to let their true selves emerge. And they wonder why gun owners don’t trust them? It is because regardless of your moderate language on the subject, we know what your true end game is, just as Ms. Kelly has shown her true colors, squash decent and counter opinion, PUNISH it into silence.

  • Summer

    She didn’t use poor judgement, she told the truth and is being punished for it. Think I’ll go post on there myself and see who wants to threaten me since I am too old to attend their little la ti da’s and I don’t give a shit.

  • James Chant

    Being “illegal” is a lawful state or condition…. not a race.

    Stick to your guns, kid. You did nothing wrong and have no need to apologize.
    The school system however is in the wrong, and out of control.

  • Sandra Pinckert

    Wouldn’t this be real easy to prove? We should be able to follow the illegal alien trail…this girl is treated like an illegal alien invaders should be treated…wake up America…

  • NellieJ

    Are the AMERICAN CITIZENS in Revere, Mass. going to tolerate this? CALEY WAS RIGHT!

  • drensber

    Wow. Did it ever occur to anyone here that it isn’t her classmates who have parents who came here illegally really don’t have much control over that situation themselves? That _might_ be why the school administrators considered the Tweet to be offensive. Also, the supreme court has consistently decided over the years that students’ speech in a classroom environment, _can_, in fact be restricted: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/11/24/high-school-cheerleader-allegedly-punished-for-tweeting-only-10-of-revere-votes-for-mayor-cause-the-other-90-isnt-legal/

    I’m a 8th generation American, but the comments I see here make me very happy that my child won’t be being “educated” among the yokals of Revere.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    What is Revereistan?

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Wrong side of history, man….

  • ConcernedCitizen

    “Revere’s mostly illegals.” Elaborate. Any evidence to support this?

  • ConcernedCitizen

    What are your thoughts on people who illegally download things from the internet?

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Yes. I’m tolerating the hell out of this.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    When did the invasion begin? I hope I’m prepared!

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Define fascism, please.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Elaborate. I’m super confused here.

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