RHS Officials Start Program as Result of Student’s Tweet

November 12, 2015

School officials are working this week to create a cultural sensitivity program in the wake of a Tweet during school hours last week that was offensive to illegal immigrants.

“A student made a disparaging comment on social media about illegal immigrants and the student was on a field trip when it happened,” said Supt. Dianne Kelly. “There are a number of kids at the high school whose parents are illegal immigrants and were offended. The high school has been working with the students and working with teachers and working with them to develop a cultural sensitivity program that will be required of all freshman during their advisory period.”

The situation started after the Revere City Election last Tuesday, when on the next day a civics teacher sent out a Tweet to students about how low voter turnout had been. The Tweet was meant to challenge the students about what low voter turnout means and perhaps why it happened in Revere. The official turnout for the Revere election was approximately 40 percent.

In response to the Tweet, the student responded back that it was because much of Revere’s population is illegal immigrants who cannot vote.

Kelly said the Tweet was deemed offensive and measures have been taken, though she said the student didn’t intend any malicious harm.

“The comment wasn’t meant to disparage and we sincerely believe that when the student told us,” said Kelly, “but it highlights the fact that we don’t really consider our words. It’s especially true now because in the past if we said something stupid, only one person heard us. Now, it’s out in cyberspace and it lasts forever and there is a gravity and there are repercussions to that.”

Kelly said that part of the solution is to develop the new curriculum for freshmen, and the other part was to hold the student accountable for his or her actions.

She said she couldn’t discuss individual student discipline, but said it was a fair punishment.

“The solution focuses on how we understand each other and that our words have weight,” she said. “You might think your words are innocent, but they mean something.”

Kelly said teachers have, coincidentally, been going through a similar training for cultural sensitivity, and they would be able to bring that teaching to the table to help the new program.

  • Totally disgusting American born students should have to undergo sensativity training. If students are offended their parents are welcome to take them back to their own country.

  • John

    Can you publish the actual tweets?

  • Fam

    What the hell is this shit

  • Jim

    Sweet mercy….we are so doomed.

  • MGB

    Let’s talk about sensitivity. Deport these illegals. Teachers need training on on U. S. CITIZENSHIP and how to contact ICE to get these illegals deported ASAP.

  • MGB

    I don’t want to be treated better than the illegals, I want to be treated EQUAL…..

  • Fake_Name2

    They can’t vote…..can they?

  • jmm1234

    It was intellectually stupid (illegals wouldn’t be part of the registered voter percentage) but it was not in any way culturally offensive. If you don’t want to be called illegal, don’t come to a country illegally. What nonsense. I feel bad for the girl being disciplined.

  • Joe


  • Jim Demotses

    I’m sorry your feelings are hurt. Are you sorry for me on April 15th?

  • ames1049

    “Kelly said that part of the solution is to develop the new curriculum for freshmen, and the other part was to hold the student accountable for his or her actions.”
    Hold accountable? For speaking the truth?

  • Johnny

    After what happened in Paris on Friday, maybe Revere needs to get a clue. Offended? I’m offended I have to support people who broke the law and walked into MY country. Yes “my”country. I’ve been paying taxes and supporting the liberal crap in this state over 30 years. I’m not a damn bank. I can barely support myself and my health insurance that’s cost has gone up over 100% in the past 5 years.

    There. I said it.

  • JAB

    Since when is making a statement on tweeter a punishable offense from a school department? My God, we seem to offend everybody these days! It should be an outrageous offense to every American playing by the rules, paying their fair share, and just getting by to provide for their families! Can I go to a foreign country and get free housing, medical insurance, dental, CollegeTuition, and a Monthly Check, all paid by the citizens of that particular country? Will that country change their holidays not to offend me or give all the children of their country more days off from school, just for us, so we celebrate our holidays, as we did where we came from? I think we,re the only asshole do gooders that do this shit in the world!

  • JAB

    If I were the parent of the student in question, I would hire a civil rights attorney and sue the school department for depriving my child’s freedom of speech and trying to punish her for an honest opinion!

  • Ahf

    Offensive !!! This lady is reduclous !! It’s true there illegall. Ohhhhh I’m sorry your feelings were hurt. I guess no free speech for students. Only the minority has free speach now. The parents should go to the ACLU and sue the city. Revere is broke, they’ll fold like a paper airplane !!

  • 7511

    The student correctly pointed out that under the laws of the United States illegals can’t vote. Why is it wrong in the eyes of the school? How is correctly stating the law of the United States offensive? Seriously, what has become of our education system when one is punished for telling the truth?

  • GTP

    We’re defending crime now?

  • Rich Algeni

    Progressive academia is now teaching that free speech is out of date and no longer acceptable, and we have a new right: the right to not be made uncomfortable. Kudos academia! You have rewritten the Bill of Rights!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame that they’re completely disregarding the first amendment and Tinker v. Des Moines just so that they can feel progressive or whatever.

  • ahf


    she should file a lawsuit against the city of Revere..

  • Patriot Rider III

    This superintendent is scum. This PC garbage is out of control. Student stated fact. Illegals have no business being here and should be deported. Sue this school and its b*tch!

  • adalporto

    Illegal Immigrants ARE Offensive.

    And so are worthless cows like Diane Kelly, who see no problem in suppressing Free Speech.

  • fatunclesam

    Spineless cowards.

    Orwell was writing precisely about authoritarians like you.

    The right will win a in a landslide, for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  • Buttercup

    A public school should be expected to honor her 1st Amendment rights. Also, school administrators claim student’s privacy interest not to discuss. What baloney! We see through that!

  • Buttercup

    Really. They act like they are cartoons of mohammed the pedophile.

  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    How utterly pathetic this school administration is. The only yardstick by which this student’s tweet should have been measured is whether it were true or false, and in fact, it was false. Voter turnout has to do with the number of registered voters who show up at the polls; residents ineligible to vote have nothing to do with it. Now a real educator would have simply pointed out the student’s error, but this not-so-bright superintendent is more worried about whether the comment hurt someone’s feelings. Dianne Kelly, you are a moro. Did that offend you? Well, the truth hurts, you know! As for the students who were offended by the tweet, if your mom and dad are illegal aliens, then they are illegal aliens. In the real world, no one gives a rat’s butt whether that offends you or not so you’d better get used to it.

  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    They love to hide behind those privacy laws. Always claiming that there’s some untold story. Bullfeathers.

  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    According to a 2006 study of American high school graduates, employers found that 70% of new employees were deficient in critical thinking skills. Well, no wonder. With fools like Dianne Kelly in charge of their education, the ability to think rationally is probably stolen from the kids at a tender age.

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