Congratulations Dr.Sylvia Chiang

August 21, 2015

We want to wish hearty congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Sylvia Chiang, new director of Revere CARES, an organization that is part of the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Community Health Improvement.

Dr. Chiang has big shoes to fill. Kitty Bowman was the outstanding voice and leader of Revere CARES since its inception.

But Dr. Chiang, as the coalition’s assistant director for the past two years and as food and fitness manager prior to that, worked collaboratively with Ms. Bowman on many programs and initiatives, and as MGH vice president for community Joan Quinlan so eloquently stated, “She [Dr. Chiang) has the experience and background to continue the important work on these critical community issues (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs).”

We wish Dr. Chiang the best of luck as she continues the mission of Revere CARES, an organization that has been an asset in advancing Revere as a safe and healthy community.

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