Tornado Memorial Marks One Year Anniversary

A new plaque on the front lawn of City Hall now marks the area where an EF2 tornado struck the city last July 28, 2014 shortly after 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning city hall employees, police, fire, politicians, residents and business owners gathered to unveil the bronze plaque commemorating the day that no one ever expected.

The tornado was 3/8 of a mile wide and two miles in length and anyone who experienced it has vivid memories of where they were and the devastation they witnessed afterwards. May

Joe Mottola poses on Broadway Tuesday morning in his ‘I survived the Revere Tornado’
t-shirt just prior to the memorial service held to commemorate one year since the F-2 twister plowed a path up Broadway.

or Dan Rizzo said 1,300 pieces of property were impacted and 150 structures including city hall had extensive damage.

“We are grateful no one was killed or seriously injured,” Rizzo said.

Attending the ceremony were State Rep. RoseLee Vincent, Speak of the House Robert DeLeo, State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli, Sherriff Steve Tompkins, and City Councillors John Powers, Ira Novoselsky, Anthony Zambuto, Arthur Guinasso and Robert Haas. Rizzo thanked the Revere Fire Department, Revere Police Department, Revere Department of Public Works, former Gov. Deval Patrick, Sens. Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, and former district attorney Gerry Leone for their support.

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  • How is it the city has money for this but cant replace the missing fire hydrant on the corner of Beach st and North shore rd which has been missing since last winter when a snow plow hit it ?? Also why do we have money for this when we have no drug unit roads are not getting repaired and activity fields are falling apart ??? Where is this cities and Mayors Priorities ???

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