Anzuoni to Receive Award From Regional Housing Board

Revere Housing Authority Commissioner George Anzuoni (who is also the City’s Director of Finance) has been chosen as the 2015 New England Housing Commissioner of the Year.

When Revere Housing Authority (RHA) Commissioner George Anzuoni was headed to a meeting on Cooledge Street a few weeks ago, he passed by a family living in the complex who was celebrating a graduation.

A young lady was graduating from Revere High School, and Anzuoni could only think that perhaps she was headed off to college or some other form of higher education. Regardless, he said it is those moments that propel him to care so passionately about public housing, and for that he has received the Commissioner of the Year award from the New England region of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officers (NAHRO).

“It was graduation night and the whole family was in the backyard taking pictures and celebrating that milestone,” he said. “That makes us all on the Authority feel great. You see the progress and transition to another stage in life and going for something better and getting that diploma. We provide housing, but I feel like we provide a little more than that too. We have tried to create the idea here amongst staff and residents that you can accomplish anything you want to do if you try. People in the housing authority are in a situation that maybe they don’t want to be in. They need a little push and a little encouragement. We’re there to provide that.”

And apparently Anzuoni has led the RHA Board to a place that others outside of the city have clearly seen as exemplary.

“The purpose of this award is to honor a current commissioner or one who has served within the past 12 months, who has demonstrated excellence in advocating for and developing the financial, political, and community support necessary to ensure the continuation of housing or community development programs,” read the announcement from NAHRO New England. “The award nomination describes your leadership role in restructuring you agency, your positive relationship with local media in promoting housing issues, and your success at securing additional funding to preserve and improve the housing stock in your community.”

Seth Daniel :

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