Guinasso Is Longest Serving City Council Member … Ev’a

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso celebrates being the longest serving city councilor in Revere’s history. With him are grandkids Domenic Garofall, James Atsales and Arriana Atsales.

REVERE – As of Monday night, Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso has been the longest serving city council member in the history of Revere, serving 29 years, three months and 13 days.

He surpassed councilor Joseph DelGrosso who served 29 years, three months, and one day. DelGrasso passed away in 2001.

Guinasso became a councillor on Nov. 5, 1985 when he beat Dick Smith in the election. Guinasso said his entrance into political life began 55 years ago when John F. Kennedy was President. Guinasso called his campaign headquarters and worked on his behalf because he wanted to make a difference.

“I’ve lived in Ward 3 for 50 years and I love it,” Guinasso said, adding he was “floored” when City Clerk Ashley Melnick told him about his record.

Celebrating in the Council Chambers Monday night with his family, Guinasso admired the picture of himself that will now hang on the Council Chambers wall.

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