Revere Beach Hotel Deal is Coming Together

March 11, 2015

Developers for Waterfront Square are preparing to begin the process of bringing a hotel to Revere Beach – specifically on the parcel of land on the beach side of Wonderland Station.

Joe DiGangi, of EuroVest, announced late last week that the project is preparing to welcome the addition of a Marriott hotel to the beachfront.

“We are in the process of finalizing the documents,” he said. “To date, Marriott has approved the site, and they have brought on board one of their preferred hotel developers/operators.”

Mayor Dan Rizzo said it was a another bit of good news and added it to a list of recent accomplishments. He said he was glad to see that project picking up in the commercial development side.

The overall development of Waterfront Square began in earnest several years ago with the construction of the Wonderland Parking Garage and the Wonderland Pedestrian Bridge.

However, residential development began last summer closer to Revere Street where apartment buildings are under construction with hundreds and hundreds of units.

DiGangi said they would begin working within the process to bring the hotel development to the parcel near the station.

“Over the next 60 to 90 days, we will be working on finalizing the brand selection, the design, and reviewing the documents,” he said. “We will also start workshop meetings, with Conservation Commission, Site Plan Review,‎ the Revere Beach Design Review Board and a few others.”

  • Italod

    What kind of extra burden will this put on the added traffic to that area’s already limited highway infrastructure? Why does Revere, like Boston, have a tradition of going ahead with oversized projects despite underdeveloped surrounding infrastructure to handle them, which makes surrounding residents and commuters suffer?

  • One of Revere’s greatest assets is the Blue Line. A hotel at its doorstep will allow guests to come and go to the airport without using any cars at all.

    Regarding infrastructure, there’s more to that new footbridge at Wonderland than just a pretty crossing to the beach. It’s also the spine of an elevated plaza designed to directly connect to the hotel and other new development there.

    This potential for “Transit Oriented Development” is a great opportunity for Revere that most other places don’t have.

  • drensber

    I agree, except that Revere’s current mentality tends to be “car oriented development” (witness the mayor’s recent claim that tearing down a historic building downtown and replacing it with a parking lot is “progress”), and will almost certainly screw it up. Also witness the fact that the bridge development is still littered with chain link fences. I know those fences are beautiful and fit into the Revere status-quo aesthetic perfectly ( 😉 ), but they also make it almost impossible for the uninitiated to actually use the footbridge and the plaza. If this happened in any other city, the leaders would be raising hell, but here in Revere, no one seems to care.

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