Luberto’s Makes Seahawk Bet a Reality

Luberto’s Bakery owner Danny Luberto and Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins at Luberto’s Bakery on Monday to promote the friendly wager between Sheriff Tompkins and King County (Seattle) Sheriff John Urquhart. If the Patriots happen to lose the Super Bowl, Tompkins will have to ship one dozen Luberto’s lobster tail pastries to the King County Department.

Sheriff Steven Tompkins and Revere bakery owner Danny Luberto are betting their tail that the New England Patriots will prevail in this weekend’s Super Bowl – a lobster tail pastry, that is.

Tompkins made an official appearance at Luberto’s Bakery on Broadway Monday to announce the friendly Super Bowl wager between the local Sheriff here in Suffolk County and the other coast’s Sheriff, John Urquhart of King County (Seattle).

“This is a little cross country collegiality and it’s fun and a way to build goodwill between Boston and Seattle, even though we’re going to beat them in the game,” said Tompkins. “The King County Sheriff’s Department is one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the country and the Seahawks are a solid team, but the Lombardi Cup is coming back to New England.”

Urquhart had a similar confidence in his team, the Seattle Seahawks.

“The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department and the New England Patriots may have a strong history, but the Seahawks and the 12th Man have destiny on their side,” he said. “No fan of the Seahawks will ever lose faith in our team’s ability to win the big game.”

As part of the friendly wager, Tompkins said that in the unlikely event that the Patriots lose the Super Bowl, he will have to ship one dozen gigantic Luberto’s lobster tail pastries to the King County, WA Department.

However, in the more than likely event that the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Tompkins will gratefully accept one dozen 12th Man Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale in Seattle and a selection of Fran’s Chocolates, also of Seattle.

Tompkins said his Department reached out to Sheriff Urquhart to propose the wager, which was warmly accepted.

He said they wanted to choose a Revere business that had been affected by the July tornado.

Last July, Luberto’s found itself in the path of a powerful tornado that damaged a number of homes and businesses in Revere and Chelsea.

Luberto said he was happy that his business was chosen.

“What else can you ask for?” he said.

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