Police Briefs 12-10-2014

December 23, 2014

House Breaks: (5)

  1. Cambridge St.; Bradstreet Ave.; Boulevard; Mountain Avenue; and Fernwood Avenue.

Commercial Breaks: (0)

Motor Vehicle *Thefts/Breaks: (12)

Ridge Road; *Lincoln Street; Sweeny Avenue (plate); Proctor Avenue; Reservoir Avenue; Tuckerman Street; Boulevard – Jack Satter; Dix Street; Elmwood Place; Elmwood Place; Parkway – Lee’s; and Washington Avenue.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: (27)

Brown Circle (3); Copeland Circle (3); Mahoney Circle; Butler Circle; VFW; Hyde Street; Lantern Road; Broadway; Shirley Avenue; Broadway; Dunn Road; Broadway/Revere; Lee Burbank Hwy; Broadway; Payson/E. Mountain Ave; Pearl Avenue; Constitution Avenue; North Shore Rd/Revere; Pearl Avenue; American Legion Hwy; Nahant Avenue; North Shore Rd/Freeman; and Lee Burbank Hwy.

House Parties/Loud Stereo Complaints (after 9 p.m.): 3

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