New High School Top Priority for Casino Dollars

February 13, 2014

Supt. Paul Dakin and Mayor Dan Rizzo said this week that one of the first things on the docket if casino monies come to Revere would be a new high school.

In a letter to the Journal, Dakin wrote that the mayor has indicated he would support spending monies on a new high school as one of the first priorities – along with additional school funding commitments.

“If the development is approved by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and mitigation funds enter the City’s coffers, Mayor Rizzo has instructed me to immediately file a Statement of Interest (SOI), which begins the process of building a new Revere High School,” wrote Dakin. “In addition, Mayor Rizzo has promised to use new funds from the project to increase the school budget by $1 million each year above the state established Foundation Budget.”

Mayor Rizzo said the City needs to think about a new high school very soon, and revenues from the casino would likely be used for such a purpose.

“The real point is we send the kids to beautiful elementary schools and we have new middle schools for them to attend and then we send them to a high school that is not conducive to the delivery of a 21st Century education,” he said. “I told Paul Dakin that if Mohegan Sun gets their license and money starts to come into the City coffers, the day after I will be in his office ready to sign a Statement of Interest for a new high school. I really want to do everything I can on a lot of fronts with this, but certainly that children find this to be a place that when they go off to college , they find it worthwhile to come back to Revere and raise their children here.”

The need for a new high school surfaced two years ago when the state School Building Authority denied the City funding to build new science labs at the existing high school. Those labs were crucial for upping the status of the science program for students, but more importantly, they were needed for accreditation of the school.

The state of the current science labs was one major deficiency on the most recent accreditation report done last year, as well as the previous report 10 years ago.

The state denied funding for the project to upgrade those labs because they felt the City needed to concentrate on building a new high school.

“They felt they didn’t want to spend good money on bad and that we needed a new high school,” said Rizzo. “After my jaw had dropped to the ground, we talked over some options.”

He said a new source of revenue was necessary, and if Mohegan gets their casino license, he said he believes that could be that new source.

“As a practical matter, it was hard to imagine a set of circumstances where we could absorb that kind of cost,” he said. “The question became how long can we hold off…If this happens, we may not have to.”

  • drensber

    “I really want to do everything I can on a lot of fronts with this, but certainly that children find this to be a place that when they go off to college , they find it worthwhile to come back to Revere and raise their children here.”

    Very few people who have a college education are going to choose to send their children to school in a city that’s dominated by a large casino company. If you vote “yes”, this is just one of the long term drawbacks that you’ll have to contend with.

  • drensber

    Atlantic City schools sure do seem to be thriving with all that casino money, don’t they!

  • bob

    40 yrs, is that how long a new building last? Revere High was opened in the fall of 74. Where would this new high school be built?

  • Concerned Neighbor

    A new high school should be at the bottom of the list. How’s about an addiction treatment center, or new boys and girls club to help keep the kids on the right path? Revere having a new high school isn’t going to solve the problems that are already there, and that will probably grow worse with a new casino.

  • Herb Flynn

    How about a new Lincoln School, now the oldest elementary school in the city?

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Well, with all the shortcuts Reinstein & Crew took during the construction of RHS, I’m surprised the building is even still standing.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    I share your concerns, though I think RHS as a building is an eyesore and disgrace. Too bad people in this town can’t think about long-term improvements. Instead, we see short-term fixes that hurt the community.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Agreed. Most people who have “made it” (ie, went to college or got a good-paying job) have left Revere. For obvious reasons….

  • gamble games & bullys

    I new high school where in revere? Kids are leaving REVERES high for a run down tech school NO students want to deal with your extended day nor all the cost dumped upon parents with teachers wish & want lists… Parents are over the sci fair at home taught lessons as well as the price tag as educators higher ups pocket more than their fair share of all schooling costs Revere has gambled with Reveres kids… No school built parent friendly to drop off or pick up children safely the traffic issues forced into non school zones causing school caused stress in our streets & not down at the schools along with car accidents continually Revere is no more than a place where the wealthy or entitled bully the parents or bully the have nots! Many parents see the new population of Revere not paying or contributing to a dam thing as we are city wide forced THREE CUPS OF TEA MENTALLITY! A new high school ?? Really?? For who… Houses are going up for sale all around in the good neighborhoods in tryn to avoid being part of your Middle school lottos & again U PURCHASE A HOME & PAY VALUE TAX ON THE LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION then your children are forced into NON LOCAL AREAS! Not to mention pulling apart the Revere stadium Park Ave as to have it bigger & better when u fully acknowledge EXTENDED DAY students are not allowed to be in sports because they don’t get outta school early enough to do so… ENOUGH WITH THE DOUBLE TALK & THE GAMBLE as we shop charter schools & home schools & trade schools as to escape the fraud played out in REVERE!

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