Hill School Groundbreaking to Be in February

January 22, 2014

The groundbreaking for the new Hill School will likely come in the second week of February, according to City officials.

Superintendent Paul Dakin said the schools are ramping up for the groundbreaking and the upcoming construction project – something that hasn’t been done since the Paul Revere School was under construction in 2009.

“Running the schools and a school construction project at the same time isn’t easy,” said Dakin. “I would never want to wish it on a new superintendent. The first time you do it is awful. This is our fourth time, though, and we have the routines down. It was wise of the School Committee to keep on the same architect and construction management company through all of our schools. They know what we want and don’t want by now.”

The school is expected – barring major delays – to open in Sept. 2015.

Dakin said it will be a much more modern school and will still have a lot of glass.

“It’s going to feel more modern than any of our other buildings,” he said. “I would say it’s really a lot of glass overlooking what will be a nice new Stadium with a nice field. There’s a lot of glass facing the field so you don’t feel like your in as much of an urban setting…It’s a big facility on a small piece of land so we’ve gone extra miles to make it flow right.”

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