Excitement Builds for Parade as Local Leaders Call for Support

Mickey ‘Say No to Drugs’ Casoli (center) is pictured with Veterans Agent Nick Bua and Mayor Dan Rizzo presenting a check to benefit the upcoming Columbus Day Parade. He is encouraging all the merchants on Broadway to get involved in the effort.

Everyone loves a parade, but for the past five years, Revere has had no parade to love.

That will all change this Oct. 14 when Mayor Dan Rizzo and the new Columbus Day Parade Committee bring back the featured fall event on Broadway – supposedly in a bigger and better way than in its waning days a few years before it went defunct.

This week, Mickey ‘Say No to Drugs’ Casoli presented a donation to the Committee and told the Journal he wants to rally the community and the Broadway merchants to support the parade.

“Some 50 years ago when I was on the Police Department, all we did on Columbus Day was work the parade and make sure it all went great,” he said. “Of course, at the time the City was different and probably like 65 percent Italian American. That said, it troubled me when they stopped it in 2009 and I think it’s a great move by Mayor Rizzo, Nick Bua, Buddy Mangini, the Chamber of Commerce and the Committee to revive this. I’m fully behind them.”

He said bringing back a lively atmosphere to Broadway in the fall could be just what the City and its businesses need.

“This here can really help the merchants on Broadway,” he said. “I think they should all get together and line up to help this effort. What kid doesn’t like a parade? It creates a carnival-like atmosphere and people come out for the day. They don’t go home to eat. They stay on Broadway and get some food or buy cold drinks.”
To further help the effort, Casoli will team up with the Committee to help sponsor a fund-raising breakfast for the Parade on Sunday, Oct. 13, in the Casa Lucia at 9 a.m.For tickets call Mayor Dan Rizzo’s office at 781-286-8111.

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