Cafarelli Puts New Procedures in Place for Police Patrols

Following a WBZ I Team report that aired on Monday night, Revere Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli has instituted several new procedures in the police department.

The report highlighted  Sgt. Jeffrey Langone, a veteran of the force for several years who allegedly spent hours at his parent’s house instead of patroling the streets while on duty and being paid.

Cafarelli has put into effect mileage checking on all police cars before and after a shift as well as installing a GPS  traacking system.

The matter of Langone is under department review.

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  • Well... at least he wasn't hoarking stuff from CVS while wearing the uniform or getting drunk and taunting on the high-school football field (not that Revere's finest have ever done anything like that). The fact that people in Revere have such a long history of just "minding their own business" and not caring about any of this (or, even worse, _supporting_ the officers who do this stuff) is truly astounding.

    • They make me sick everyone gets tired let them do their job and then let's see do you know how tiring it is nothing else better to do than look at this and say I caught him you feel good about yourself these officers work very hard. Like to see let them take their place its sad they should see what they deal with every shift go i n the patrol car and see Revere has the finest police officers

  • Damn those pesky "outsiders". How dare they spy on our police force! Why can't they just mind their own business and let we inbred Reverites "do our thing"?

  • This is a disgrace. He should be made an example of just like the guy two years ago, oh wait nothing was done two years ago. His supervisor should be demoted, and his supervisor should be demoted. Does anybody believe his “brothers” working the same shifts did not know this was going on?

    • If any of you did this at your job you would be Fired!! , and we see them doing this every day, the only time you see a patrolman is making extra money doing detail work looking down a hole not properly dressed, what kind of example is this!. and they will protect our town when a casino comes. what happened to the phrase " to protect and serve" I want my money back!!!

  • Nothing is going to happen to him. This is Revere were the police has more power than God... or so they think.

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