Sand Castle Festival is This Weekend

July 18, 2013

R1The Revere Beach National Sandsculpting Festival is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and is expecting more than 500,000 people to descend upon the nation’s First Public Beach between July 17th and 21st. This year, 15 sculptors will compete in the individual competition. Dan Belcher is shown here close up carving out the eye of the eagle in the centerpiece sculpture on Monday morning.

  • Anthony Gennaro Cipoletta

    This year’s event
    is a joke. Why move the event up toward Revere Street? This area is the desert
    of Revere Beach. No facilities, No fresh food, no anything. Even when the tide
    comes in it leaves only a sliver of beach to walk on. The rumor is that the
    state wanted to show off its new pedestrian bridge, which has been blocked with a huge flatbed truck
    loaded with boxes for advertisement. In years past it was held closer to the
    bandstand. When Sandcastles was held
    here it accommodated out of area vendors and local businesses that pay sales
    and meals tax year round alike. The only thing that was accomplished by this
    big move was to cut out the local merchants and favor out of towners. I know those will say that some of those
    roach coach food trucks are owned by some locals; as reported by your paper
    last week. Unfortunatly what wasn’t reported is the majprity of these business
    are not from Revere. They don’t pay local meals taxes or Revere excise taxes.

    Next week you should interview some local
    merchants, I don’t believe they will be as enthusiastic as last weeks

    I talked to several business owners who told
    me there’re sales are off 50-75% so far this year over last year. It’s a shame.
    The biggest insult is the organizers ask these local businesses for donations
    of food and beverages for the event staff. I am a lifelong resident of
    Beachmont and I’m starting to feel this annual event is a cash cow for
    somebody. This event was great for everybody at the beginning but several years
    ago the event management went to an outside Management Company. In your article
    it said this management company wanted to jump on the food truck
    bandwagon. To me that sounds like
    someone who only wants to make a buck with no regard for the area, its history or
    its people. I am not the only one who
    feels this way, ask around. The only payoff for the city has become an inconvenience
    to local businesses, residents and event attendees. There should be more local
    planning and public hearings held before planning next year’s local debacle.
    -the author is not a business owner in Revere

    Anthony Gennaro Cipoletta

  • drensber

    I thought it was great, and I’m glad that the event’s planners have allowed it to grow into an event that’s truly regional in perspective, rather than just something that appeals to the local yokals. In the long run, this is better for everyone, _including_ the locals. This wouldn’t have been possible if they’d given in to in to all of the insular old curmudgeons like you.

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