Rizzo to Wynn:’No Thank You’

May 15, 2013

Wynn Resorts is known for palatial entrances to its resort properties and warm welcomes for its guests, but it will get none of that red carpet treatment from Revere.

Mayor Dan Rizzo said the company hasn’t contacted him about negotiating a surrounding community agreement, and he said he probably wouldn’t take the call if they did.

“We have not been approached, nor will we enter into discussions with the Wynn organization,” said the mayor this week. “Suffolk Downs has been part of our community for 77 years. As far as we are concerned, they are a big part of our city and deserve our complete loyalty and support as they continue their process to secure a license. I’m confident based on the merits and attributes of the proposal that [Suffolk Downs] will be successful.”

As Wynn progresses in it’s bid for a resort casino license, with it’s host agreement now signed, an impending step for the gaming giant is to also negotiate surrounding community agreements.

Revere would, in fact, be a surrounding community if Wynn were to successfully gain the casino license over Suffolk Downs.

That, however, would certainly be like getting the consolation prize at a beauty contest. A surrounding community agreement would be far less lucrative that a host community agreement – which Revere has already negotiated with Suffolk. A surrounding community would likely have far less say in the construction of any casino and the jobs created by it.

Already, Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash has indicated that Wynn Resorts recently contacted him about their project and Chelsea’s surrounding community status.

Chelsea would be a surrounding community no matter whether the license goes to Suffolk or Wynn. However, Ash has said he has already forged a much better relationship with Suffolk, and virtually no relationship with Wynn.

Rizzo’s declaration follows that of Boston Mayor Tom Menino, whose attorneys demanded Wynn work with them in a written letter back in February.

Last Friday, after a lavish, no-expenses-spared community meeting at Everett’s Connolly Center, Wynn told the Boston Herald that Menino should butt out of the process in Everett.

Menino has been an ardent supporter of the Suffolk Downs proposal, along with Rizzo, and has made disparaging comments in the past about Wynn’s ability to complete the project.

Wynn told the crowd at the Everett community meeting that he could have his resort casino completed in one phase over a 30-month period.

  • Michael Carter

    I did not read more than the first paragraph but are you really saying that if Suffolk downs does not get the casino the city of Revere will pass on any mitigation package from Mr. Wynn in Everett? Its Suffolk money or no money? Huh?

  • Michael Carter

    Also we have reached a final deal with Suffolk? When did I miss that? What are the details? How many millions do we get?

  • It’s one thing to favor Suffolk Downs, but quite another to refuse to speak with any other possible contender. I don’t see how this serves the residents of Revere at all. The fact that the mitigation agreement with Suffolk Downs was conducted in secret is also highly suspicious.

  • webchecker

    “We have not been approached, nor will we enter into discussions with the Wynn organization,” said the mayor this week”

    What am I missing ?
    Where is the story ?????
    Why is this news ?

  • The state is expected to grant a license to operate a gambling casino, to be located in the Boston area. One developer has proposed a casino in Suffolk Downs, which straddles the border between Boston and Revere; another developer has proposed a casino in Everett.

    Unlike other businesses, the main purpose of a casino is not to provide a product or service, however their “games of chance” are designed such that “the house always wins”. The state will take a cut of the profit, and some jobs will be created, but the casino operator will still take a great deal of money out of the community.

    Consequently, potential developers are required to negotiate mitigation agreements with the communities their proposals are located in, and also with the surrounding communities.

    If the Suffolk Downs developer is ultimately chosen, the casino would be located in Revere, so the mitigation agreement would presumably contain more items of benefit to the city. However, if the Everett developer is chosen, Revere would be only a surrounding community; it wouldn’t receive as many mitigation items, but it ought to receive something.

    So, “the story” is: Why would Mayor Rizzo refuse to discuss any mitigation awards from the developer, if Revere winds up being a surrounding community?

    Refusing a “consolation prize at a beauty contest” is not only ungraceful, it’s also foolish if the prize is something worthwhile.

  • drensber

    The predominating attitudes in Revere are based on insularity and fear of outsiders (“outsider” being defined as anyone whose family has not lived in Revere for at least 5 generations, as far as I can tell). Never underestimate the amount and level of stupidity that can result from this.

  • Earline Worsley

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