Councillors Say No Way to Pot Dispensaries Here

December 5, 2012

The Revere City Council is looking to change the City’s zoning so as to block any medical marijuana dispensaries from locating in the city as a result of the approved medical marijuana ballot question from the Nov. 6thelection.

In a resounding vote statewide, voters easily approved a plan to allow medical marijuana to be sold to qualified patients at licensed dispensaries located throughout the state. The law takes effect on Jan. 1st, and Revere officials are hoping to keep it from coming here.

Already, dispensaries have opened in Cambridge and Framingham in preparation for the new law – though they cannot sell medical marijuana yet.

Councillor Tony Zambuto put in a motion on Monday that would change the City’s zoning table so as to not allow dispensaries to locate within any district of the City.

Already, Chelsea and Melrose have started similar processes, and it seems that although voters wanted medical marijuana, no city officials anywhere want the stores in their cities.

“This is strictly to protect the City and it’s needed to protect us legally,” said Zambuto on Monday night. “It needs to be done. We’ve been working with the Legal Department and Community Development. This is strictly a protection motion, but we need to do it.”

Zambuto said that by blocking dispensaries from the City, it does not open the City up to a costly spot-zoning lawsuit. He said that the law only requires one dispensary in Suffolk County and not one in every city.

Councillor John Correggio supported the measure, as did the rest of the Council.

“This has been brought to my attention by many residents,” he said. “We need to have a mechanism in place by January 1stbecause that’s when this will take effect.”

The matter has been ordered to a public hearing, but that hearing will likely not happen before Jan. 1st, and the law will likely go into effect before the City can officially change the zoning.


  • ConcernedCitizen

    What the heck, Revere? What, honestly, is everyone’s problem with allowing a dispensary to operate in Revere? If you go to California, you’ll see that the dispensaries there are nondescript and are also barred. This means that people need to show a medical marijuana card before even entering the establishment. It’s not as if a dispensary in Revere would be that anyone could walk in and get weed – the opposite is true, in fact. If anything, this is yet another squandered opportunity to bring some revenue into the city. Given the current economy, I am saddened to hear that the city council would rather deprive the city of growing because of their incredibly backwards views. What are you “protecting” exactly?

  • ushitinme

    How about the old dairy cream on Broadway, a sign saying cigs and cigars. ya right, they have one cigar and a couple packs of cigs. the back wall has slot machines, then the broadway conv. mart. sells booze now, it use to be a nice place but now its creepy and short of a Headshop. you can now buy booze pretty much everywhere in revere. cripes go to Chelsea of all places and they have a decent downtown, here its an Eyesores. The people have voted and these councillors have no clue, booze is worse than weed and if these to comfy councillors that have been elected to many times should get a real job.

  • Oldtimer

    I am a 61 year old man and what this is reminding me of, is how my parents thought.

    Marijuana was evil!! But both of my parents had alcohol issues, my mother died from it. Yeah lets open more liquor stores and have more people die on the roads than heaven forbid… DUI from smoking a joint. I could see it now…the police pull you over and say ” Do you realize how slow you were going? Try and find some statistics on marijuana related deaths, or better yet how about alcohol related deaths.

    Its all about the tax money guys.

    Think like it is today, the year 2013, not like my dad did during the 1950s.

    I honestly think you guys should never have watched the movie “reefer madness”…

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