Maguire Speaks on Ouster as Rec Director

November 7, 2012

Boxes full of stuff heading out the door now replace clipboards and reminder notes on the desk of Revere Recreation Director Adrienne Maguire – who was relieved from her position by Mayor Dan Rizzo a little over one week ago in a move that surprised many and ignited a social media revolution.

Maguire has spent the last 12 years in the Revere Recreation Department, many of those years as its director. She has often been credited with turning the department around completely – bringing in innovative programs such as an annual circus, a pre-school and a busy summer schedule for kids.

However, all those successes and the family atmosphere she has created apparently were not the kinds of things Mayor Rizzo was looking for in the new administration’s Rec Department. And that has left a lot of avid Recreation Department users with questions, worries and frustrations.

“He told me he was exercising his right to remove a department head during his first year in office,” said Maguire. “He said he would like the department to go in a different direction. Where that direction is, I don’t know.

“However, I am happy with what we accomplished in the department and the programs we added and the community we built,” she said. “I have to give kudos to my staff and the volunteers. They made the place what it is, not just me. So many people helped out and I appreciated it.”

Maguire indicated she was notified over the weekend of Oct. 27th, just after Mayor Rizzo’s fund-raiser at the Kowloon Restaurant. In fact, Maguire was pictured in the Journal showing her support at that fund-raiser.

The Journal made repeated attempts to find out more about the termination from the Mayor’s Office – mostly due to the outpouring of questions and letters sent to the paper over the last week. To date, the Mayor’s Office has not yet responded to explain their side of the issue.

Maguire was under the union contract, and Rizzo is the first new mayor to have to abide by the new municipal union – as it came in during the first term of former Mayor Tom Ambrosino. This was apparently the first contractual opportunity that the Mayor had to tell Maguire that he wasn’t going to be keeping her beyond Jan. 4th, when the contract ends and her termination will officially begin. Prior to just recently, the Mayor was apparently not able to discuss the status of Maguire’s contract.

During last year’s mayoral election, Maguire was part of the campaign fodder between Rizzo and former Councillor and candidate George Rotondo – with Rotondo pledging to keep Maguire on the job if he were elected.

That pledge came due to the fact that many believed Maguire would not be retained under Rizzo’s administration – which turned out to be true.

Maguire confirmed that she was under a union contract, and she said she knew there was a possibility this might happen.

“I didn’t do the job for accolades or to get in the paper, and that makes it all the more frustrating for people,” she said. “Unfortunately, it is part of our union contract and I knew this was possible. I don’t want people to think that this couldn’t be done and I didn’t know it could be done. I always knew the mayor could do this.”

But it was a major surprise for most everyone else in the community.

Just a few days after the news got out, on Oct. 29th, a Facebook page emerged entitled ‘We Support Adrienne Sacco Maguire, Director of Revere Recreation.’

In one week’s time, they had more than 500 “likes” on the page, which the creators boasted was more than the official City of Revere Facebook page.

They also boasted critical and supportive comments by the boatload, and hinted that the firing might be motivated by Maguire not being involved in Rizzo’s campaign last year.

“Sounds like politics at work,” wrote one poster. “Maybe he has someone lined up for the job. Too bad. She’s done wonderful things for our children and stays off the radar. I’m sure she will somehow find a way to keep helping the kids and the city.”

And wrote another poster, “An absolute shame and disgrace. No other person will come close to doing what she has done – nobody! Why do I feel that the next Revere Recreation director will be a person who does not live in Revere?”

Maguire said she has seen the page and also saw the letters in the Journal supporting her last week. She stressed that she has nothing to do with any of the responses.

“It is a dramatic response and I did see them,” she said. “It’s just great that we had such an impact on people and touched their lives with the things we did here. The things we added here created a sense of community and a sense of family. I have people who call me all the time and tell me they have kids who made friends here that they continue to keep. There are pre-school families – if it’s their first child or they are new to the community – they have found our program and their kids end up staying friends all throughout school. Some have even told me that the other parents they met here became their friends and are in their social circle. It says we brought people together.

“I am happy with the direction the department has gone,” she concluded.

  • Craig S

    It is a disgrace what Mayor Rizzo has done and he has lost my vote in the next election. Typical Revere politics. I’m sure a friend of his who doesn’t even live in Revere will get that job. It is a joke. It’s really sad cause I thought Rizzo would be different. Oh well live and learn I guess.

  • I am one of those mom’s who made life long friends at the Revere Recreation. I moved to Revere in June 2008 with a 2 year old and a 2 week old. I had no idea what I would do with these two little guys in a brand new unfamiliar city. So imagine my surprise when I went to Sonny Myers Park one summer morning to see high school kids with staff shirts playing games with the kids, musicians and story tellers putting on shows for free in the park! Later I recieved a flyer with a list of the Fall programs for preschool aged children, one of which was a playgroup with playtime, arts and crafts and a snack all for only $5! That was the beginning of my journey with the Revere Recreation. It became not only a place for me to bring my boys to play and make friends, it became a place for ME to make friends! My boys grew up in that Rev and even though we have since moved to NH, we are always welcomed back with open arms. It says a lot about what Adrienne and the rest of the Revere Recreation staff does to make a mom to now 3 boys; who lives over an hour away; want to keep coming back! I just want to say thanks to Adrienne and the rest of the wonderful staff for making our time in Revere filled with so many great memories. Thank you for giving me a place to come and meet other moms. I will cherish those friendships forever!

  • joan sacco

    As Adrienne’s mother I couldn’t be more proud of the person she is. She is totally selfless in her devotion to the children and residents of the City of Revere. I have seen her give many more hours to programs, sports, and events than she was ever paid for. She has left many family get togethers to take calls, go help someone in need, or get back to the office to do one more thing. She has spent many early mornings, late nights, and weekends giving the City of Revere a Recreation Department that is the envy of every town around us. Adrienne loves children. As a nurse she worked in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and she loved every baby. She made lifelong friends with children and parents in other parts of our country by her loving care and devotion to those babies. She traveled as far as Texas for the funeral of one of her patients. She does all this without fanfare. She is an amazing woman, and she loves Revere. It is great to know that a lot of Revere loves her back…I love you, Adrienne, you are the best!!!!

  • oneil

    The revere rec center adrienne and her staff are nothing short of AMAZING!!! Her dedication,long hours and hard work will never be replaced. I dont think i was ever at any city function or event that adrienne was NOT at..who else is going to dedicate that much time to this city??????? i cant wait to see.

  • ask

    There is no question that Revere Recreation has done oustanding things for the city. To build a sense of community in a city as large and diverse is quite an accomplishment. Adrienne as Director with support of her staff and LOTS of volunteers is to be commended. However, the question remains: Why does someone who has made such a positive impact on the city lose her job. The people of the city who have enjoyed these programs and who have children active in these programs do deserve an explanation and some reassurance that the programs will continue.

  • Marina Cacici

    Is everyone suffering from amnesia?? The last administration did the same. That’s the way it goes. It doesn’t matter how hard one worked and how much was accomplished…It didn’t matter then and it doesn’t matter now.

  • Marina

    Well said, Mother. You should be proud. Her caring of the City’s children is obvious.

  • Is everyone suffering from amnesia?? The last administration did the same. That’s the way it goes. It doesn’t matter how hard one worked and how much was accomplished…It didn’t matter then and it doesn’t matter now.

  • LR

    What is going on with people these days. Losing Adrienne is just crazy. I can tell you from not personally knowing her nor every speaking to her and me growing up in Revere she has had done so much. Revere is already lacking in events activities for kids in Revere and someone like her and putting her staff through this hard time is awful. These kids are our next generation and we need to come together to make sure they are off the streets and participating in something. And that is what Adrienne has done and I would believe she would have done more if it was not stripped away from her. Obviously the Mayor and I hate to say this but true the higher up people are not looking out for our children. They need to get rid of that Dr Dakin because he is another one who does not care for the kids in Revere especially ones with specially needs and I can honestly say Adrienne has a heart. Compared to those people. That is so wrong. I hope things turn out to be for the better if that is the decision he decided. Good luck Adrienne with your future and thanks for what you have given to Revere Rec and these kids and mine. You have the biggest heart I can see.-LR

  • ConcernedCitizen

    This truly is disgraceful on the part of the mayor and another indication to me that Revere will never be a truly great place to live. I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, but I do know that the Maguire family in general has done a lot for the city and made growing up a little nicer for the kids here. I guess all of Mrs. Maguire’s hard work and dedication to bringing something quality to the city meant nothing to the mayor. It’s also sad to me that the mayor’s office refuses to comment to explain his side. Politics as usual in Revere, I guess.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    I honestly have stopped believing that anyone in the city really cares about the future of the town or the youth there. From the City Council to the School Committee to the School Department, it’s all the same – decisions made to benefit the pocketbooks of certain individuals while ignoring the needs of the citizens at large. Corruption is not a strong enough word to describe how this city operates.

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