Demoulas in Revere

September 5, 2012

The announcement that Demoulas will be building a supermarket at the North Gate Mall is a very exciting prospect.

First, the well-known grocer is going to build an 80,000 square foot supermarket with all the fixings. It will be very much like the Chelsea store, which at 120,000 square feet is one of the largest supermarkets east of the Mississippi River.

If and when the Demoulas store is finished, it will pay the city approximately $300,000 a year in property taxes. The $10 million project will generate well over $100,000 in permitting fees. The building project itself will involve hundreds of construction workers and tradesmen and women and millions in steel, cement, tile, lighting and equipment will be purchased.

Most importantly however is the fact that a store such as the one being planned will likely employ as many as 600 men and women, many of whom will be employed at the store for the rest of their lives.

The supermarket firm is asking for minor tax relief as a quid pro quo for coming here.

This should be granted by the city council.

The mayor is already on the record as welcoming the supermarket.

Demoulas coming to Revere is great news.

The city council should act accordingly on the tax relief.

  • bostonblakie

    I for one will be happy to see it. Northgate needs an upgrade badly and Stop & Shop needs competition. For example, they have eliminated a salad bar at the Squire Rd location and have also stopped stocking certain items without any explanation. Whatever happened to Shaws?

  • voter156

    Go into stop and shop and the employees think there doing you a favor, they are lazy to the max, the deli is the only ones doing the hustle, the meat dept. they do not wear hair nets (gross), the restrooms look like they belong in a dive bar room, if your a woman using a coupon, heaven forbid, the employees think your taking money from their wallets and are rude to the max, if your lucky they say “Have a good one” WHAT? Go to Demoulas and they go out of the way to serve you and you cant beat the prices!! S and S D- , Demoulas A+

  • Minnie

    Let me tell ya if Stop & shop prices were better I would shop there rather then demoulas. The chelsea one is a nightmare with hard to find parking (siberia is mostly open) ugh the crowds the demoulas brand costing the same or sometimes more then the name brand and the looks i get when i say paper and plastic thats when you dont need the conveyer belt because your items start getting thrown down to the bagger.. and even though i told him not to my son got a job there he got 4-5 hrs a week. was hard not to say I told you so. Here to hoping its different at northgate or Stop & Shop realizes all its stores are empty and lowers there prices.

  • Happy to hear this. As long as they maintain their competitive prices, I will continue to shop there.

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