Back to Court Again

September 5, 2012

By the time Revere and State Police caught up to Jose Reyes late last week, he had already put some major miles on his sneakers.

The Revere Police and State Police Fugitive Team were pursuing Reyes under another name when they approached his Revere Street home last Tuesday. After chasing him for two days on a warrant related to a Massachusetts child molestation conviction in 2008, they found their man…and a whole lot more.

After some investigation, officers found out the man was actually Jose Reyes.

He was an illegal alien in the country and had been deported from the United State two times already – returning quickly each time.

Not only that, he also had warrants from Florida for a similar indecent assault on a child case. Apparently, Reyes had failed to pay his court costs in that conviction, and had failed to submit a DNA sample to be entered into the nationwide database.

Revere Police contacted the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding Reyes and they responded to the station and put a federal detainer on him.

Under that process, he will likely face removal proceedings in a federal immigration court…again.

  • voter123

    Put the bastard in a work type jail so it wont cost us, something like the Sheriff in Arizona does, this homo doesnt belong here and with out punishment will be back doing his old skills, isnt our elected officials doing anything about immigration. are the flood gates to late to close? how come we have to be afraid of being bigots? our forfathers would be bulls#*t

  • M. Morrissey

    Why waste money removing him…he will be back, again and again. Remember this is the New America . In Massachusetts it is legal to be illegal, Welcome to Revere.

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