Moose Club Smoking Ban is Doing the Right Thing

August 9, 2012

The local Moose Club has banned smoking inside its facility – and is the first private club in this city to do so.

As such, it is setting a great example and one, frankly, that was long overdue.

Revere’s private clubs cannot flagrantly go against federal and state laws aimed at prohibiting smoking in public places and in private places as well.

Smoking remains an issue for all those who continue to smoke cigarettes but for the majority of people in our society, smoking is already passé and most people who do not smoke are greatly bothered by those who do.

It is also a health issue, obviously.

Those who do not smoke tend to be healthier than those who do.

We congratulate the Moose Club for banning smoking inside its premises.

The club has done the right thing.

It has set an example that should be followed uniformly by every private club in this city.

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