An 85th Birthday Wish

Most people would celebrate their 85th birthday in their favorite recliner with a piece of sugar-free cake, but not Beachmont’s Lennie Piazza. Instead, he chose to go skydiving with his son, Robert, in Rhode Island. He’s pictured here 10,000 feet above the ground with company owner Dean O’Flaherty. “I just leaned over the edge and got into a zone and told myself it was too late to turn back,” said Piazza. “I blanked everything out of my mind and just leaned forward and it was breathtaking. Then, I was in the air thinking, ‘Lennie, you’re 85, what are you doing?’” All in all, Piazza reported that the jump was quite successful and invigorating. He will officially celebrate his birthday this Saturday, July 28th.

Journal Staff :

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