A Pier for Revere Beach?

June 6, 2012

Talks are apparently underway at the highest levels, and are being led by Mayor Dan Rizzo and his development chief John Festa, to put in motion the possible construction of a major pier and dockage along an undisclosed location on Revere Beach.

The effort would include not just a pier but meaningful development around the entrance to the pier which would likely spawn the economic revival of water based industry and commercial entities along the beach that cater to beach visitors of which there are hundreds of thousands in any given season.

Such an effort would be a tremendous aid in making the beach an economic hotspot and a place where water based activities once again bring it to life for what is arguably its best use.

A pier by itself doesn’t have the ring of a game breaker but in this instance, a major pier jutting out to the sea, with dockage and boating related business all around could make a vast difference in the persona of Revere Beach.

Given the major changing of the tides and how that would effect a pier, it is a given the pier at Revere Beach would have to be substantial.

The more substantial the better.

  • Bumbles_bounce

    It would probably be on the low rent end of the beach. I bet lots of yachties want ot get off their boats and go to the shipwreck, ROTFL!!!

  • Boulevard Guy

    Remember, there was once (1940’s) an Ocean Pier, connected to Elliot Circle, which boasted  fishing boat rentals, seaplane rides and (in the evening) dancing in the beautiful ballroom situated at the end of the pier.

    It was very popular then….should be a business magnet today!

  • Marina

    Agree Boulevard Guy. The most poular beaches all seem to have piers, with a bait shop, snack area, etc. There is something very charming and  romantic about piers.

  • Marina

    I meant popular beaches.

  • Norm

    My dad grew up in Revere and used to work the ‘Loopo Planes’ along the Blvd. He grew up and was great friends with ‘Dick Holt Jr’. We would take trips to the pier and take a boat, sea worms and clams and go out to the “break water”. We would catch flounder on the worms, Haddack or Cod on the clams using a hand line wound around a block of wood with notched ‘Vs’ in the ends. Man, those were the days, late 50s early 60s. The pier burned down and I cried when I heard it happened. We moved to Florida in 63 and never saw the pier again. Bummer.

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