The Patriots

January 19, 2012

Many, many people in this city were absolutely delighted by the Patriot’s commanding victory over the Broncos in last week’s quarter final game.

If you are a Patriot’s fan, then you are feeling that this is the year the Pats will again win a Super Bowl.

Last week’s victory over the Broncos and Tim Tebow was referred to by Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy as a victory of biblical proportions.


Tebow, whose faith in God and Jesus dominates nearly everything else about his public effort to win, was left to suffer one of the worst defeats of his young career.

It just might prove that God’s work on this earth is our own, that God and Jesus didn’t particularly pay too much attention to Tebow or the Patriots on Saturday and that for the most part, the Pat’s achieved victory because they played better than Tebow and the Broncos – not because God was on the Pat’s side or because Tebow was deserted by God and Jesus in this crucial game.

Faith is a wonderful thing to shout about to your teammates. In the end, however, it doesn’t guarantee a victory in the quarterfinals in the National Football League.

The Pats proved that last week.

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