The At-large Recount

December 8, 2011

John Correggio’s return

The recount is over. Councillor at Large John Correggio has been re-elected to another term.

The recount proves Correggio never really lost. In fact, his win was certified after a painstaking check of all the votes.

Correggio has shown an ability to be a strong voice for the residents of this city.

We wish him the best on winning another term.

Steve Morabito’s lesson

Steve Morabito is a young man with future elections staring him in the eye.

He wasn’t robbed of a victory. Rather, the recount proved he had lost.

It is a bitter loss indeed for the Revere young man who thought he had won.

His lesson is to work a bit harder the next time around and to take absolutely nothing for granted.

He ran a great campaign and we are sure he will be back for another try in two years.

  • Mindit

    The lesson learned is– Well, then again the lesson KNOWN is that Revere politics is and always will be corrupt. We know the truth – Sugar coat it all you want -this isnt a donut shop.

    A recount was done the night of the election and Morabito won – So two counts and he wins — then Coreggio pays money to hire “best attorney in Boston” and all of a sudden wins — Nah, noone buys it.

    Stop using the word re-elect for Correggio, he was never elected ever – not even the first time. I feel sorry for him, I mean he passes around 15-20 business cards per person and still lost – sad life.

    Rob the victory from a young hard-working kid that won fair and square, and look yourself in the mirror at night, thats true legit deep down scum – Good luck w/ that.

    Morabito – Your class and humbleness through it all shows how well you were raised, too bad other people cant say that about themselves. Go get em kid.

  • Irritated

    How far up Corregio’s butt is this newspaper?!   I love how they suggested to Steven Morabito that ‘His lesson is to work a bit harder the next time.  No- the answer always has been and will always be that it will take death for them to leave.  We are going to be stuck with Corregio for 40-50 years like this God-awful state and city was stuck with Ted Kennedy and George Colella for decades.  Some people are probably aghast at that thought, but isn’t it true?!! We always have to vote in the same old farts year after year ,don’t we.  I agree with the comment below- everything was fine until the blood-sucking attorneys were hired.  Those of you who are offended by my comments, prove me wrong the next time and vote out this leach by a wide margin.  We did it in 2009- we can do it again

  • cortoolio

    This article is even more of a joke than the “recount” – don’t let them get you down, Steve.

  • anyone disgusted???

    What disgust with the outcome of the recount. John never accomplishes anything and is never constructive. I question how 33 votes votes were found. Steve Fight this! you worked your butt off and did a hell of a job. waiting 2more years until next election is BS! WE ELECTED YOU STEVE and we want you as our city councillor NOW and NOT in 2 years. Take this to court!

  • Letusbeheard

    ok not for nothing but my opinon is that once the votes are in there should not be a recount I think Steve Morabito won fair and square and Correggio was just a sore looser and did want a new era of politics to exist in Revere, instead he rather have the same old school politics. Correggio doesn’t care about what we the people want or he would have just let it go and give everyone what they wanted 3 new and younger councilors on the council who will bring new ideas and bring enthusiasm to the city. I think Morabito should fght this in court because he won. This city is such a messed up city and it going to be worse with Correggio.
    iI feel so bad for Morabito. I think there should be another election so the peoples voice can be heard once again by voting in the 3 new candidates as we did originally. MORABITO has to bring this to court and get a new election! I’m assuming he doesn’t have the excessive campaign funds that Correggio has so he should throw a fundraiser if he can’t afford the legal cost and do whatever it takes to let us vote him back in. I am sure the people in this city will come together and contribute to Morabito’s campaign and do everything possible to keep Correggio out and vote the 3 new councilors in again. We need the terrific trio to initiate the change which Revere needs.

  • Recount was total BS!

    That stinks. This makes the City of Revere look really bad!!.computers don’t make mistakes and human error is the reason why computers were created in the first place. I have never heard of a recount this day and age where 33 votes were missed then gained in a recount

  • Valetparkandgo

    Well let me put my two cents in. 61% of the voters did not vote. Very simple. I was also a candidate and lost. I did not spend enough time on the campaign  I did try to bring issues out at the council meeting but I guess the issues of illegal immigration, no receipts for expense accounts, respect for deceased vets, and consumer safety were not the right issues. I have told Steve that the voting laws were violated in some areas. Candidates and or their reps were not allowed to view the ballots being counted on election night. The Election Secreatary admiited to me that the law was broken. Its up to Steve Moribito to bring these issues up. But you know what It still amazes me that 61% of the voters did not vote on a nice clear day, even for mayor. Go figure

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