Great Job, RPD Manhole Cover Case is Closed

November 16, 2011

The Revere Police Department is to be praised for capturing the alleged thief who had been stealing the city’s manhole covers.

The police caught him red-handed, arrested him and confiscated a number of manhole covers he had in the back of his truck.

This is good work nicely done.

Hopefully, this will put an end to the theft of manhole covers, which has plagued the city for quite some time.

  • No name or description of the alleged thief?

  • Were2434

    police should clean up there own backyard

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to The Journal telling more of this story, in particular where the alleged thief was fencing (a.k.a. “recycling”) the stolen items. I always have a hard time believing the scrap metal dealers never seem to suspect things like this are stolen.

  • RevereReporter

    There is a full story in the print edition with all the details and the names of the Winthrop scoundrels that were responsible for nearly 100 of these thefts. Check out the full print edition here for the story. Additionally, I heard from the Chief that they were selling to a yard on Second St in Chelsea. Incidentally, police have little hope the judges in Chelsea will give these guys any time or even punish them in any meaningful way. Courts here have too much sympathy for the devil…

  • Ed

    The credit for this arrest belongs to the Winthrop P.D.  It was their hard work that led to the arrest of these two junkies.

  • I definitely think charges of receiving stolen property should be pursued against the scrap metal dealers. A few years back I went to cash in some scrap from an old car I owned and saw a broken up street light in a pile in the scrap yard. Where did someone get a street light? LOL

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