The Parking Garage: An Anchor for Future Development

September 14, 2011

The new parking garage, literally the anchor of the great development of Ocean Street to follow, is one of this city’s major new structures, sitting on an enormous footprint and visible to literally everyone coming and going in the area of Wonderland Park.

When the new garage has added its special trimmings, it will be one of the most impressive structures of its kind in the city.

Only the buildings lining Ocean Street – the four major Carabetta era condo buildings are larger.

It is, in a way, a monument to things getting done in the down market. It is also a sign that all is not lost with the off-beach development, which has taken so many decades.

Everything springs from the garage.

Its mass is a hopeful sign.

  • Anonymous

    This garage is an eye sore. It looks horrible and blocks out the view to the beach. who the hell let this happen?
    It is a complete monstrosity

  • Yeah, it’s really a shame… the sea of surface lots that it’s replacing are so gorgeous!

    You’re also correct that it’s a major travesty  that the view of the beach from the top of the crumbling buildings at Wonderland is being destroyed.

  • Dannypaul65

    Revere is a relatively affordable area close to downtown Boston,progress is good but if it drives up the price for those that live here already to the point we have to live in Lynn or Lowell how is that good

  • Dave

    The only reason that Revere is relatively affordable is because many parts of it look kind of like a dump (literally… the surface lots around Wonderland really look like garbage dumps… ).    You’re suggesting that it should be kept this way just so that it will stay cheap!!??

    I agree that more needs to be done in the entire Boston region to promote housing that the middle class can afford, but I don’t think that keeping a few communities trashy is the solution.

  • Dannypaul65

    those lots and the area further down before point of pines look horrible but gentrification is a double edged sword look at the south end of boston $600,000 1 bedroom condos, now they have barbershops that charge $35 for a haircut, sidewalk cafes look nice but if you cant afford to eat there who cares,
    Revere has come a long way from the crack infested hole it was 20 years ago  but I don’t want to see it become another yuppie enclave that drives lower income people out,namely me

  • Dannypaul65

    I see you use terms like geezers and inbred locals in your posts,if you don’t like the people in Revere stay in Newton,we wont mind

  • By “geezers”, I’m referring to old people who complain about everything.   By “inbred locals”, I’m referring to the nepotism and corruption that seems to infiltrate everything here and people who consider someone who was born and raised 6 miles outside of Revere as “outsiders”.  I’m not picking on Revere… there’s plenty of both of those things in Newton too.  You like this kind of stuff?

  • I don’t think there is any danger of South End style gentrification happening in Revere.   There simply aren’t enough (hardly any, in fact) quaint old turn-of-the-century houses and factory buildings and other stuff that gentrifiers like.   Contrived new developments like the one that the garage is supposed to enable never spawn gentrification because gentrifiers tend to like “organic” development.  The new buildings (especially a hotel) could, however, help raise some much needed tax revenue (which would maybe help lower the property-tax burden, which is rather high compare to other towns, on residents), and could also move the area away from looking so much like Detroit-by-the-sea. 

  • Dannypaul65

    No,I’ve lived in Boston or within 10 miles of downtown my whole life. I’ve been in Revere for 3 years because a bad turn of luck financially,but now consider it home,funny me and a friend of mine were discussing how there are no franchise type/fast food restaurants on the beach.We figure those already there are being protected by the city. I  agree with what you are saying to some extent but I’m worried that if Revere gets to much development and costs go to high I’ll be living in Lynn or Lowell ,honestly I’d move to Arkansas Or Mississippi before I’d live in one of those third world cities(kinda kidding) 

  • Dannypaul65

    I believe the garage is to draw people to the T right,not enable new development ,any new development would provide it’s own parking facilities,I don’t think they can put them underground like they do in Boston,being so close to the beach ,I could be wrong…I didn’t mean gentrification exactly like boston with the loft apartments and all that, just generically driving prices up astronomically,hell a 1 bedroom in roxbury is $1,100 a month plus ,last I checked, and thats an area that makes Revere look like Mayberry,well if they spoke spanish ,portugese and cambodian…but no question those empty areas are definetly an eyesore I just hope the city doesn’t get greedy and turn it from detroit by the sea to yuppie town by the sea ,something in between.Remember those crazy city kids that take the T out here every summer are still coming next year to raise hell no matter what they build,I live near revere beach T and I look forward to the end of summer so I can go down the beach at night and not get beaten up or stabbed,haha

  • Dave

    “I believe the garage is to draw people to the T right,not enable new development ,any new development would provide it’s own parking facilities” 

    That’s not true.  Go Google for “Wonderland TOD Revere” or “Waterfront Square Revere”, and you’ll find numerous articles stating that the reason that the garage is perceived as being so important is because it frees up all of the surface lots for other kinds of development.   Whether that actually happens or not is a bigger question, but that is definitely the intent.

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