Expanding Gaming: Legislation Deserves to be Passed

September 14, 2011

The House of Representatives will be voting on the expanded gambling bill this week.

It is a good bill, despite the pandering to other interests that caused the Boston Globe to write an ill-advised editorial denouncing the bill last week.

The expanded gambling bill will help Revere and East Boston and every city and town in this Commonwealth.

It will not solve all our problems. But to suggest that it shouldn’t happen because the issue hasn’t been studied enough is rubbish.

We need jobs and new revenue sources and we need them now – not five years from now.

We believe the bill is going to pass. We hope it does.

  • Bill passed the house.. hopefully the senate follows quickly. We need the construction jobs it will bring at first and the countless careers it will bring once constructed. I personally don’t want the traffic or social illnesses that will accompany the casino but where else are people supposed to work? No factories opening anytime soon right? Please Pass this bill and get it on the Governor’s desk as fast as possible. Also if they could take the time to ensure the front door of the casino and the cab stand falls on the Revere side of the line I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

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