The Mayor’s Way: Here’s to Hoping That Ambrosino’s Open-door Policy Continues with the Next Administration

August 17, 2011

Both candidates for mayor would do well to emulate Mayor Thomas Ambrosino.

Everyone has a different managerial style. But the running of the Revere mayor’s office requires above all else a deliberate, ongoing attention to detail and to work ethic.

The Ambrosino way has been to always be prepared, to debate policy in the open and to allow for transparency at all times when it came down to the city’ business.

Loyalty to those who work for him is another strong point in the mayor’s favor.

He has and continues to abide by an open door policy while in office.

Unless the mayor is in a meeting, he meets with residents, voters, businesspeople and the like in his city hall office throughout the day.

This policy must be continued and it would be nice to hear that both candidates for mayor will do so.

There is a very heavy populist stream that remains in play when you are the mayor of Revere.

The mayor’s door must remain open to the people.

The people must be assured of access.

When Mayor Ambrosino leaves his open door policy must remain.

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