Necco Conundrum: Company Has Emerged as a Major Issue Between Mayoral Hopefuls

August 3, 2011

The Necco candy company is the city’s largest taxpayer and one of its larger employers. The company got a special tax dispensation from the city almost a decade ago, a TIF, with numerous stipulations regarding employment numbers, tax payments, et cetera.

That TIF, its stipulations and Necco’s failure to adhere to all of them has become a major campaign issue between mayoral candidates Dan Rizzo and George Rotondo.

Rizzo’s view of the situation is that Necco paying its taxes, about $1.3M a year, is a good partner with the city.

Rotondo would like Necco’s TIF withdrawn by the city and he claims Necco would owe the city $300,000.

Necco should keep to the letter of the law with its TIF but the overriding importance of maintaining its more than $100,000 per month in business taxes that the City coffers so badly need must also be considered.

The Necco issue is not going away.

Let’s hope the company continues making their tax payments.

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