Patriot Flag in the City of Patriots

July 7, 2011

The now-famous Patriot Flag made a stop on Revere Beach Tuesday morning as part of its nationwide tour – which will conclude on the 10th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks. On that day, it will fly in Shanksville, PA, New York City Ground Zero and at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Until that time, the very large flag is touring the country due to the generosity of FedEex, UHaul and the American Legion. Volunteers from the Revere American Legion and the Revere Fire Department helped display the flag on the Beach Tuesday. On Monday, July 4, it flew over Attleboro and Logan Airport. By Wednesday, the flag was on its way to Bartlette, IL. The flag honors those who died in the 9/11 attacks.

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