Sand Castles: Extravaganza is Great for the Beach, City

June 8, 2011

Those in charge with the city’s wildly popular Sand Castle exhibit have a tiger by the tail.

This is an event that has all the elements of something that can be so much more.

It is difficult to know exactly what will work and what will not but we know this for sure – the event will attract more than 200,000.

Bottom line, this is all about the opportunity to dove tail the heavy public viewing of the sculptures and to offer something else that also inspires.

A bonafide food court occupied by some of Greater Boston’s key food purveyors like Legal’s, Kelly’s, and local legends like Santarpios and Billy T’s would go a long long way to making the sand sculpture get together a major league time.

And if the beach has to remain closed for a week in that area – so what!

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