Mayor Says a Trash Fee is Unavoidable

May 4, 2011

By Seth Daniel

A controversial trash fee may not come during Mayor Tom Ambrosino’s watch, but he said this week that it most certainly will be on the next mayor’s plate.

Unlike most surrounding cities, Revere has avoided any such fees for trash. Meanwhile, cities like Chelsea and Malden have instituted pay-as-you-throw systems or trash fees.

That may not be the case much longer.

“I would say in the next year or two that’s going to happen in Revere,” said the mayor. “There will be no reserves left after next budget year. I don’t know what the next mayor will do with no money left. That’s an easy option to raise a couple million dollars quickly. I’m sure the City will have to come to grips with that very soon.”

However, he did say that he would not propose any trash fee before leaving office in December.

  • Vter321

    city employees make a bundle beyond belief and struggling tax payers carry the burden, the mayor is a Bum,no leadership and spineless, please leave office now and give someone that knows how to really balance the books!!! Enough is Enough!!!

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