Attorney: FBI Raid Had Nothing to Do with Me

April 28, 2011

Local attorney Jay Paul Satin has informed the Journal that the FBI raid on an office in the Citizen’s Bank building had nothing to do with him, but everything to do with Attorney John Molloy.

Attorney Satin shares a law office with Attorney Molloy on the fourth floor of the bank building. FBI agents raided the law office on Thursday, April 14, and spent a good deal of the day and evening removing files and other items from that office.

While agents indicated to Journal reporters that they were from the FBI. A spokesperson from the FBI, and a spokesperson from the U.S. Justice Department, would not comment on the raid. Therefore, it could not officially be determined which attorney was the focus of the raid. “Please be advised that this matter in no way concerned or was related to me,” wrote Satin in a letter. “The search was directed solely at John Molloy. Although I do sublet space in the same office suite, Attorney Molloy and I are in no way affiliated in the practice of law.”

A sign on the outside of the office reads “Law Offices of John H. Molloy & Jay Paul Satin.”


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