Markey Right on – Congress Should Follow His Lead

March 16, 2011

Our Congressman Edward Markey suggested that Congress gets busy and stops the construction of nuclear plants on earthquake fault lines, among others.

He made that decision after assessing the situation in Japan following the earthquake and the tsunami.

We want to thank the congressman for his common sense.

We totally agree with him.

We hope his colleagues in the congress will heed his suggestion as it might tend to be the kind that one day saves millions of lives.

  • Confederate265

    Is the Congressman a complete and utter idiot? First, the place that the japanese nuclear power plant was built hadn’t had a recorded earthquake since 857 AD, and wasn’t on a fault line, but most of Japan is in a fault area. Secondly, the world is a volatile and very pragmatic place so where do we build these Nuclear power plants that we need on the moon, but we can always depend on fossil fuel for all our energy needs right. Lastly, nuclear power is both safe and efficient unless run by people that are not ready to handle it, but lets just take the focus off of the $3.55 per gallon price for gas Mr. Congressman because then you too also look inept.

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