City Salaries – The Mayor’s Position Should Set the Standard

February 23, 2011

We have no negative comments to make about city salaries.

They are inevitably what they are.

We do complain that the mayor of the city is paid substantially less than school principals, police officers, police sergeants, lieutenants, captains and the police chief. This includes also the fire chief, deputy chiefs and assistant school superintendents.

The mayor is number 35 on the list of the top one hundred earners in city government.

It should be noted, and in the future, it is likely to be noted locally, that the governor of Massachusetts is planning to make a number of important state appointments for empty positions and none of those appointments are expected to receive a salary higher than his.

This could set a new example in state government that city government might do well to emulate.

No one should be making more money than the mayor in this city or in any city. Such a situation shows clearly how upside down our society has become over the years.

No one in city government is working on commission, which would the only reason for a city employee to earn more than his boss.

What city salaries show glaringly this year moreso than in any other year , the highest paid, for whatever reason and whatever position, are in the virtual heyday of their careers.

It is very unlikely salaries are going to rise much higher before they are capped or altogether reduced in order to meet the demands of the new economic era that is upon us.

Revere’s public employee salaries went up by two million dollars last year.

It is likely they will increase by that amount in the coming year.

All of this is unsustainable.

At some point in the near future, everything unsustainable will cease to exist and appropriate changes will be made.

That day is rapidly approaching.

  • Vot123idfj

    we are BROKE!!! do the city officials get it. people in this city are struggling week to week or day to day to make ends meet.the voters are looking to see a pay decrease across the board,we can not afford to carry these high wages that all of us wish we had for our selfs. as my grandmother use to say”your fanny is full and your to blind to see others bellies are empty”

  • BelliesAreEmpty

    How can you say such a thing?!? The city NEEDS to pay their employees their wages. They do an excellent job at running the city, and I personally believe that they are in order for a pay raise. Maybe your fanny is full but they need their pay to make it on a weekly basis.

  • Vot123idfj

    looks like your a city fat cat,what nit wit would make a reply like yours.the city is run by boobs,just open your eyes when u drive in Revere~!!!

  • BelliesAreEmpty

    Sir I suggest you expand your vocabulary when you are trying to rebut my statement. These teachers and city workers do an excellent job at running this city. Contrary to what you think, they DESERVE a pay raise instead of a decrease. Your senseless name calling is only a reflection onto yourself.

  • TheAmazingRalph

    I agree. I’m pleased with where I live (near town hall). The people are nice, there isn’t much crime, and most people are employed.

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