Administrators Strongly Rebuff Nasty Allegations Made Against a Highly-regarded English Teacher

January 19, 2011

Barile talks openly about claims of  improper conduct

-By Seth Daniel

One decorated Revere High School (RHS) teacher is going on the offensive this week to clear her name from widespread rumors that she is at the center of several inappropriate relationships with students.

Veteran English teacher Nancy Barile said that there had been many reports on the Internet over the last week, and even one Boston television reporter making phone calls, about a supposed “RHS Sex Scandal.”

Even on Tuesday, Superintendent Paul Dakin said he took phone calls from state education officials who had been contacted by the same television reporter.

“She’s one of our best and I’ll stand with her,” said Dakin on Tuesday, adding that Deputy Superintendent Anne Marie Costa and former Principal Dave DeRuosi feel the same way. “There’s absolutely no way I believe any of these allegations can be true and I have, in fact, talked to one person whose name I had been given and he and his father dismissed it…[The state] is now satisfied with the investigation at hand and now knowing more about what’s going on in the community, I think they’re backing off.”

Barile said she was absolutely shocked when the claims surfaced on the Internet, and then her name was linked to them.

The 16-year teacher has won numerous awards, including a ‘USA Today Teacher of the Year’ designation, the Bob Costas Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Writing, and she is now set to win a Commonwealth Award next month.

Besides the public accolades, many students and teachers at the high school have known her to go above and beyond to help kids.

She was well known for having helped and discovered the talent of track star Merzudin Ibric when he was on a downward spiral after moving to America from war-torn Bosnia.

The list goes on and on, and many would agree that Barile – who is married and in her 50s – is probably the last person anyone would link to such a scandal.

Now, her signature teaching approach – going the extra mile for kids – seems to have harmed her, but she said she’s ready to fight her own battle here.

“I think I will continue to risk it by helping kids the way I do as long as my bosses know my intentions are for the good of the kids and the school and not some salacious, shady thing that I’m doing,” she told the Journal. “I don’t know where the protections are for teachers nowadays. These things make it tough. I’ve seen enough Lifetime movies and read enough stories in teaching journals to be aware of these things. I never thought I’d be part of it.

“That being said, the truth always comes out,” she continued. “It has come out here now. There are no allegations and no complaints. I have a spotless record. I’ll stand that up against any liar or sociopath that wants to put something on the Internet.”

Barile said she didn’t even know the claims were about her when she first heard of the report, posted on a local infamous website. Later, she said she learned that the report was about her, and that reporters from Boston had been calling former students.

Dakin told the Journal that he followed up with some of those students in his investigation and all of them denied any such inappropriate relationship.

Barile and others said that they believe the beginning of the problem came during a classroom lecture a few weeks ago.

Admittedly, Barile said she made some comments about a political figure that were probably over the top. She wanted to stress the importance of qualifications.

Those comments apparently got back to the subject, who in turn, sent a message back to Barile that there was going to be reprisals. Soon after that, Barile said her troubles began.

She believes there is a definite connection, though it hasn’t been proven in any way.

“I thought it was a teachable moment with kids who will be voters soon and I was saying why I thought you need to be thoroughly qualified to run for office,” she said. “I sometimes tend to be a little to outspoken. Sometimes it’s a good thing and this time it wasn’t.”

The person referred to by Barile and others was contacted by the Journal, but did not return a request for comment. Therefore, the Journal has withheld that person’s name as there is no proof the person is involved.

Meanwhile, Barile said she wants to face the whispers, the curiosity and the strange looks head on so that her reputation isn’t tarnished any further.

“I wanted to take the high road; my mother always told me that cream rises to the top,” said Barile. “On the other hand, I don’t want people who don’t know me to think that these things might be true. I’ve made a career out of refuting negative stereotypes about Revere teachers and kids…I always want people to know how great Revere is. This gets it right in the gutter where people always think we are. It’s a sad state of affairs.”

She defended herself as well, saying she has never been a friend with current students, but that she does keep in contact with former students once they have been out of school for a few years.

She said that students – male and female – will often call her up when they are in college and ask for help filling out forms, or to help open doors for them professionally.

“I would never be a friend with a current student; no teacher should be,” she said. “But I have kept in touch with my former students. I feel it helps me in my practice as a teacher. It lets me know how I did.”

Part of the story that can’t be avoided is the dangers in today’s world of being an activist teacher – going the extra mile – and how that can appear to others.

Dakin said he backs it up because he believes in Barile.

“Is it dangerous? Absolutely in today’s world, the way things are,” said Dakin. “You are taking somewhat of a risk, but do we want to help kids or not?”

Barile agreed, but said she wouldn’t change how she teachers.

“It’s a double-edged sword when you’re the kind of teacher I am, when you go out of the way to help kids – male or female,” said Barile. “It was always a risk I was willing to take. I always felt I was above board and that I didn’t have anything to hide. Our kids sometimes need a little extra help. I will continue to do that and be that kind of teacher.

“I won’t be quite as outspoken as I have been,” she concluded. “I can tell you that.”

  • Janet232

    We love you Mrs.Barile. You were the teacher ever – because of you I went onto college and graduated with honors!!!! Noone I know that KNOWS YOU believes these ridiculous allegations!!! God Bless!

  • JP

    Barile Rocks! there are numbered teachers in who have such dedication to their students and even less that go above and beyond like Ms.Barile lets focus less on this controversy and more on the real problem which is, that there are too many teachers in our schools who are collecting tax dollars by simply sitting behind a desk and passing out worksheets. Too many teachers are only thinking bout the lives of their students 8 hours a day some even less. Ms.Barile like many of the teachers in Revere High don’t stop thinking about their students. The controversy could potentially damage the great atmosphere between faculty and students at Revere High.

  • Natalie York

    My friends and I had Ms. Barile when she first started out. My family also had her in the years that followed. I always did, and still do love and support her. SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER I’VER EVER HAD!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • concerned student

    Ms barile is a teacher that cares about the students and would never do anything as capricious as the allegations against her might say. She has been nothing but nice and has been wasting all her time getting the students to be successful. I stand by her and know that the only person that could spread such a rumor is jealous of her accomplishments and is just an embarassment to all.

  • Gregliakos

    It’s a sad day when a teacher of this caliber has to defend herself against anonymous smears. This should make all of us pause next time we give in to the temptation to believe rumo and innuendo.

  • inspired

    disgusted about these accusations against one of the most greatest teacher to come by. she has helped out many students and communities to understand the importance of education.

  • Teresa Tevy Chey

    The minute I heard about this I did not believe it for a second. She is a kind woman with a big heart! I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to accuse her of this. She is the type of person that would go above and beyond for someone. I haven’t seen her in years but I know if I needed help with something she would help me with no hesitations. I love you Nancy!! Hang in there the truth will come out on how much of a good person you are!! xoxoxo

  • Marina Cacici

    Miss Barile was the best and most inspiring teacher that my son had at RHS. She brought out the best in her students, always made time for parents on parent nights (wasn’t watching the clock like most others). All around genuine. I wish her the best of the best and Ms Barile, your Mom was right, cream always rises to the top!

  • anonymous

    To be honest, when the allegations first came out on the web that a RHS teacher had allegedly slept with students and was generally nasty to others, the first person who came to my mind was Ms. Barile. I haven’t been in high school in well over 10 years, but when I was there she did have close friendships with current students and past students. She did appear to have her “favorites” but don’t they all? I never had here as a teacher, and she was always nice to me, but I could see how people could misconstrue relationships between teachers and students, particularly when the teacher is extremely close to her students. There are other teachers in that school that also have that special bond with students, but Barile was much more open about her friendships and is probably why her name first came to my mind.

  • LSun

    I’m really disheartened to see such allegations posed against a teacher who has extended such great services to her community by making sure our students rise to their fullest potential to succeed. During my years at RHS, I’ve witness this teacher’s ability to make students believe in themselves, and while motivating students, she also suffered pain by being branded as someone who was favoring. For those who never understood how much passion she had in helping students step out of their box they were so comfortable in by showing them that they could do more for their community and themselves, I’d have to question their ability to see her heroic strengths. Are we supposed to forget about those students who need that encouragement and motivation, and let them drop out, get pregnant, and sit back and watch? I’d probably be part of that statistic if I had never met Nancy Barile. I dropped out of high school, but she never gave up on me. She pushed me until I was able to stand on my own and climb on my own. She told me everyday how smart I was and how I could become more than I could ever imagine. She gave me her time, and showed me how valuable I was. I am now a graduate student. I only wish for more teachers to have such passion.

  • Former Student

    The allegations made here against Ms. Barile are absolutely ridiculous. Being a former student of RHS for a couple years now, I still keep in touch with Ms. Barile and not once in my whole time knowing her did I ever see any hint at any malicious or shady behavior. Her sole purpose in teaching is to help students, particulary those who most need it. I know full well that I am in a great university studying because of the work and the effort that she put towards my academic career. She pushed me to open up, over time developing from a quiet, shy freshman to a more outgoing and engaging student and person. There is no other person besides my parents who have shaped my life so far so much than Nancy. Although I only had one class with her, it was all it took for her to get involved in my life, concerned about where I was headed, and proud of where I am and the future that is ahead of me. I don’t think I can ever fully repay her for what she’s done for me, but the least I could do is defend her honor in times like these. I will fully support her against whatever convoluted allegations come up to face her. More teachers should be like Ms. Barile, and it troubles me that she has to prove herself to whoever made these allegations. Nevertheless, I, along with every student she’s had whose life has been greatly impacted by her dedication, generosity, and enthusiasm for learning, will support her in whatever way possible.

  • Bunnath

    Nancy was not my regular day school teacher. She had took on the night sessions for those who needed to make up courses, and I was fortunate enough to be her student. Not for one second can I believe these allegations to be true. Nancy has gone through lengths to help my sister, and the buck didn’t stop there. She also helped me with things such as letters of recommendation, landing me a great job and career. With that alone, she had made it possible for me to buy my first home at a really young age. These are things that I could once only dream of. Somehow, she had found a way to be part of that success in my life. I’m very grateful for having had her as my teacher for that short period of time. There should be more teachers like her! Thank you Nancy and don’t ever change!

  • ct

    did this happen in Salem many moons ago,some boobs want to get back at her because they cant hack it and get nasty, my son attends n.e.u. and plans to be a doctor, my daughter has her now.they say she is a hard teacher and caring. our country is falling behind but more people like her will keep us ahead, we need her,life is hard and that is why we do it, Nancy keep your head high and eyes dry. my son says it is not hard to find those bastards through the web. best wishes ms. c.t.

  • Kevin Toro

    I was a student in Barile’s AP English class last year and I still keep in contact with her while in college. I can personally attest, from my own experience and from how she has helped others, that these allegations are in no way, shape, or form correct. Nancy goes out of her way to help, not only her students, but many others outside of her classes through the many programs she leads. If not for her guidance, I would never have gotten into the college of my dreams. I know without a doubt that if I, or any others she has made such an impact on, needed help with anything she would help without any hesitance and we would do the same for her. For her to be brought into such a scandal after all her hard work is ridiculous. She is a superb teacher and a wonderful person who is dedicated to making the world around her a better place. I know that I speak for many others when I say I wouldn’t have come this far if not for her.

  • Orbelina

    Ms. Barile is one of the best things that ever happened to RHS. She is a great teacher who pushes her students to succeed, find new talents, and become productive citizens. As a former student, I can assure these accusations are nothing but nonsense and the product of jelousy. It is a shame to know there is an individual out there who does not know how to appreaciate great talents like Ms. Barile’s, because being able to be such an influence to so many, is a rare talent. Out of all my teachers, Ms. Barile helped me the most to prepare for college academically and socially. She wrote for me the best recommendation letter for college and even helped me obtain my very first job. If it had not been for Ms. Barile, my road to college would have been alot more complicated. She inspired me to do alot better and gave me the confidence to trust myself and aspire for alot more.
    Barile is a great teacher and DOES NOT deserve this kind of “drama.” She shouldn’t even have to waste her time reading this nonsense! She is skilled, honest, and respectful; if it weren’t true, there wouldn’t be so many comments here. Ms. Barile deserves nothing but respect.

  • Sdeoliveira

    These accusations are merely rumors and have absolutely no substance! I am also a former student and can say with all the confidence in the world that Ms. Barile has never had an affair or anything of the sort with a student. The fact that she got accused with these things simply for going above and beyond the call of duty is ridiculous. She is an amazing teacher with an amazing heart, who helped out a kid in need because that’s just the way Nancy Barile is.

  • Geo

    Nancy Barile is the only teacher I’ve had that has helped me accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Her tireless work to help students in and outside the classroom is outstanding and the allegations made against her are preposterous. She helps students become all that they can be and encourages them to give back to the community and be a good person. No matter what reports may say, Revere High School is a great high school and Nancy Barile is by far the best teacher, motivator and mentor I have ever had.

  • Ann

    What if this were a male teacher or a teacher who is less vocal and less of a favorite among administrators? Would everyone be as dismissive? Is it ok to flirt with students or ask them for a ride home?

  • student

    Ms.Barile is one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve ever had and a great person. If more teachers were like her, more students would enjoy their time in class. These allegations are definately not true and she is being punished for caring about her students. Ms. Barile has won awards for her excellence and her drive to help students and make Revere a better place.

  • FormerStudent

    From what I’ve come to understand about the situation at hand, it seems from my perspective nothing more than a slanderous witch hunt based on fruitless accusations. As a former student of Mrs. Barile I can honestly say that these allegations seem absurd and frankly ridiculous. I’ve personally seen Mrs. Barile go above and beyond for her students while expecting nothing in return. She holds an extremely high standard of teaching and to read about this matter in the paper is difficult and confusing.

  • Chenda

    This is absolutely shocking for many reasons. I’ve known Nancy Barile for about 16+ years. I graduated in 96 in Revere High. I did not have her as a teacher, and she still went above and beyond to help me with my trouble youth. She is by far the most caring and compassionate person I’ve ever met. If it hadn’t been for her, I’ve would of never graduated high school. I lost a very close friend at the time, that Nancy had thought. She helped me through the whole process, for that, I owe her everything. This is by far the most ridiculous and insulting thing I’ve ever heard, if you knew Nancy, you would also understand how rediculous these allegations are.

  • atalic

    This is 100% false. Ms Barile is a amazing teacher that has a huge heart for her students and she does whatever she can to make sure they learn and pass her class. She has worked extremely hard and still does to get to the position she is in now! She has inspired me in so many ways and has teached me to love school. I wish you the best of luck Ms.Barile and thank you for being a good friend and a great teacher.

  • Maria Ryan

    Teaching a person to write a paper is mechanic. Teaching someone to read, understand and formulate strong, educated statements, ideas and opinions to be delivered to the world is an art.

    Ms. Nancy Barile is an artist and an educator. She is an inspiration and a friend.

    To know that any allegation is made against such a hard working and honest indivual hurts not only Ms. Barile, but the hundreds of people that she has touched throughout her life.

    Ms. Barile is a landmark of Revere High School and I am confident that she will remain one for many years to come. I hope that these rumors will be put to rest in a timely fashion, so that a teacher who is truly driven by the success of her students can get back to her life.

    I will never believe any mallicious rumor about her. Rumors are last ditch efforts by pathetic individuals. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Jryanelf

    Ms. Barile is one of the finest teachers ever to grace the halls of Revere High School. Her style of teaching is so progressive, that she should create a teaching module that other teachers should have to take. I feel blessed and privileged that my children were her students, and I resent the fact that anyone
    would stoop to spreading sleazy rumors about such a fine human being.


  • Nick

    miss Barile has some questions to answer in the back of her closet if someone is able to find what there looking for. hey miss Barile what about that porn that was recorded in your apartment in the 90′s?? how bout how you dismiss anyone that dosnt gravitate towards you?? miss Barile needs her carrer as a teacher under a microscope now and the past 20 years! dig deeper and the truth will come out.

  • Bob

    Nancy Barile is a great teacher and one that helped me tremendously in high school. She is great at what she does and I know she will get through this and continue to help students at RHS.

  • sherry

    just because a teacher has been teaching for so long does not mean they are exempt from poor judgement…..they need to be held accountable as a teacher is with less experience they think just because they have been in the system so long they cannot be held accountable!!!!! like they say “it is not what you is what you can prove!!!! some bank on that….

  • Former Student

    I also graduated RHS with Chenda in ’96 and Nancy Barile was one of the only teachers in the school who took the time to understand students, especially those with troubled pasts like me.  At no point was Nancy Barille EVER unprofessional in any way towards me in any way.  I also believe that people can make poor decisions but I don’t believe this to be the case here. People like Nancy Barille because she is genuine, people who get thier facts off facebook are not.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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