Entertaining An Idea – Shouldn’t city reap financial reward for granting entertainment licenses?

June 10, 2010

Entertainment licenses, like liquor licenses that are given by the Licensing Board can be taken away.

The Licensing Board giveth.

The Licensing Board taketh away.

An entertainment license is not a right. It is a privilege.

It is a bit like the liquor license that comes with it.

This being said, perhaps the Licensing Board ought to consider charging for entertainment licenses – maybe $3,000 annually.

This would certainly separate the players and serious business owners from the weaker operators.

It would also raise a nice bit of cash for the city.

An entertainment license allowing for live bands and dancing and or whatever is considered entertainment in this city, can generate substantial amounts of money for the license holder.

In the case of a local restaurant now petitioning the Licensing Board for a full entertainment license, it is possible that location could pull in $10,000 or more in a good night’s business just because of the entertainment license.

The Licensing Board should consider raising the fees for entertainment licenses.

If they’re going to be given out, the city might as well make something from them.

  • reverebeachfan

    Bad Idea. Bad Idea based on poor research and assumptions, guesses, and anectotadal evidence. If the Mayor, Licnese Board and or the “Editorial Staff” were really serious about being “Pro Business” why on earth would they try to kill the goose that lays the golden egg? These establishments are already sadled with enormous operating costs incluing the recent mandate that they install sprinkler fire fighting systems in the aftermath of the Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars per license holder.. Where does the author of this piece get the amount of $10k per night? This figure seems grossly high, but assuming that its true(?) Have the authors obtained the Profit and Loss Statements for every license holder in the city? Does this amount consider: Salaries and witholding of employees, rent, utilities, stock, advertising, insurance, and yes federal, state, and local taxes? The only think “serious” is the amount of overhead not profit. The Editorial Staff seems to want to discourage entrepernerial spirit with their statement: “seperate serious buisnees owners from the players?”Really, I think this city needs more business paying taxes and creating jobs, this suggestion is bad from its inception. We should be looking to lodgical ways to close the tax gap, not running business out of town with yet another arbitrary and capricious “tax” disquised as a revenue enhansement device. Why not create a fee of $100k for a newspaper to operate in the city? How does that sound?

  • I agree with previous poster. This is a horrible idea. If we had a set of city officials who were serious about re-development of the beach, they would be doing things to _encourage_ reputable business from opening shop, not _discouraging_ them across the boards.

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