In The Gulf – Markey’s criticism has been right on the money concerning BP disaster

June 5, 2010

Our Congressman Edward Markey has been seen giving interviews or making public statements on television recently on numerous occasions taking British Petroleum to task.

He has done more than that.

In bold, unambiguous terms Congressman Markey has called BP irresponsible, unresponsive and worse – he has called BP’s leaders a bunch of liars who can’t be depended on.

He has also warned Americans not to believe anything BP officials tell us.

Congressman Markey is right on all counts.

We applaud his proactive stance and his belief that the leadership of BP does not mean what it says and does not say what it means.

There is no doubt this is Congressman Markey’s finest hour in the House.

He is saying everything that most of us believe to be true.

And in many respects, this is Congressman Markey’s profile in courage.

International oil has a powerful lobby capable of controlling legislative measures in the US Congress.

At least Congressman Markey is not one of those paid pawns.

We have always liked Congressman Markey but never as much as we do right now.

We urge him to continue his crusade against BP.

BP deserves it and Congressman Markey knows how to serve it up.

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