Six of one…

December 30, 2009

Six bags of marijuana don’t equal an arrest anymore.

Police were called to a residence on Suffolk Avenue on Dec. 24 for a disturbance between two family members.

One man, Tito Sanchez, 23, of 107 Suffolk Ave., reported having been involved in a small argument over money with his brother-in-law. That argument resulted in a brief altercation.

Afterward, the brother in law left the residence.

As police interviewed Sanchez, they observed six bags of marijuana individually packaged in the bedroom.

Sanchez stated that the drugs were for his own personal use, therefore under the new marijuana laws, he was not able to be arrested for possessing the illegal drug.

Instead, police could only confiscate it and present it to be destroyed at the station.

Officers did run a warrant check, and Sanchez had one outstanding warrant.

He was arrested for that.

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