A Great Decision – RFD shows its true colors

June 24, 2009

The Revere Fire Department rank and file has done the right thing in a big way in order to save the jobs of a half-dozen of their colleagues by making a deal with the city to forgo contractual obligations.

This is big medicine for their colleagues, who would certainly have lost their jobs.

It is also a positive public safety bonus. With the loss of a half-dozen firefighters, the public safety factor here would have declined substantially.

The one-for-all and all-for-one creed is alive and well with Revere’s firefighters.

They have set an example that other public safety unions in this city might follow in order to save jobs for their colleagues.

We are proud that Revere’s firefighters have looked out for their brothers during these difficult times.

It says something very good about this city’s firefighters.

  • Voter

    Just what did they do that was so great?

  • Voter

    Just what did they do that was so great?

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