The Brotherhood – Firefighters should bypass a small pay raise to save jobs from their ranks

June 4, 2009

Firefighters think of themselves as one big extended family – a brotherhood of sorts.

And so we are left to wonder, why won’t Revere firefighters put off a small pay raise next year in order to save the jobs of seven brothers?

The city will lay off seven firefighters soon as it struggles to balance its budget, which has been vastly cut because of a dramatic decrease in state funds.

Mayor Tom Ambrosino has told the firefighters that jobs can be saved if they put off the pay raise. So far, the firefighters have failed to act, putting in jeopardy the jobs of seven of their brothers.

What has happened to the old union philosophy of all for one, and one for all?

Firefighters have until July 1 to change their minds in order to save their brothers’ jobs.

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